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Poor Little Bunny

Sundays around here are always a lazy affair, even more-so when one of us is feeling gigantic and encumbered and the other is fighting the onset of a particularly nasty cold. No extravagant breakfasts today, just a simple fruit salad and coffee.

It was (finally) beautiful out, so after helping Adam with some work stuff in the morning we went for smoothies, walked around outside for a bit and then gave in to our inner sloths. For me this involved sunning myself on a quilt in our front yard with Gus and a trashy novel (and, of course, the camera), for Adam it involved a series of YouTube fails and a nap.

(For some reason the camera came with an entire booklet on how to take good pictures of SLEEPING PEOPLE. The only other booklet it came with was how to use the flash. THESE are the two biggest topics for new camera owners? How to use the flash and how to best photograph sleeping people? Combined with the sex attic, this camera just upped the creepiness factor of this house to OFF DA HOOK.

Nonetheless, look how good that picture is of Adam! He sleeps upside down like a bat.)

Today I discovered that two of my friends (including Kris of the glamour photos), unbeknownst to each other, are planning on being in Vancouver over the long weekend. Out of nowhere a girls weekend was born!

It will probably end up being more of a girls day-and-a-half due to my work schedule, but I am unbelievably excited to see these ladies nonetheless. Sometimes you need little plans like this to help you get through a particularly challenging week.

Send some good vibes to this guy, he has a man cold 🙁