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Internets, Adam has gone to Costco with one of his friends.

This is a man who currently has not one, not two, but THREE giant rubbermaid bins filled exclusively with cords and wires “in case I need them”. This is a man who has never voluntarily thrown out a pair of underwear in his life, even when the underwear in question is little more than a bunch of holes with an elastic waistband attached. This is a man who, despite  dual degrees in management and marketing, STILL gets suckered into every. single. 2 for $5 sale they have at the grocery store, regardless of whether or not we eat/enjoy/use the item in question, because it’s a good deal!

In short, I have willingly allowed a hoarder to go to Costco.

Costco. COSTCO!



I’m fucked. Oh sweet baby jebus why. I will not be blogging for the rest of the day as I must make room in our refrigerator for the inevitable 18L vats of mayonnaise, and clear out some storage space in the sex attic for 3 pallets of Doritos.