Do you think you will decide to find out the sex of your next baby or keep it a surprise?

Oh, keep it a secret fo sho. I love the anticipation  and avoiding a ton of gendered newborn items, too. 

There are so few surprises left these days, everything can be known at the drop of a hat, with the click of a button. I like to leave a few mysteries intact. 

Towards the end of my pregnancy, I do remember feeling like it would have been easier to connect to my unborn baby if I could call it a he or a she, instead of the horrible “it”, like it were some inanimate object instead of a living, breathing being who would soon become my favourite person in the world. (We really need to get on a gender-neutral pronoun like those clever Swedes!)

I am also literally counting down the days until I can have another. Our midwife said that our babies have to be at least 24 months apart in order for doctors to let me to try for a natural birth next time, (due to having had a c-section with Olive).  Our experience with Olive has been incredible, and I can not wait to see this sweet girl as an older sister, she will be so lovely. As soon she turns 15 months, project The Steve begins. 

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