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                                   Epic Fail by SnarkyStitcher on Etsy

Well here we are ten days into April and I’ve yet to take myself to task for my March resolution. Let’s not waste any more time folks, let the self-flagellation begin!

(The original post explaining my monthly resolutions for 2012 can be found here, January’s wrap up is here, February’s here)

As you may be able to surmise from the picture above, and the self-flagellating reference, March did not follow on the heels of January and February’s successful resolutions.

( And BY THE WAY, self-flagellating refers to the process whereby one hits oneself repeatedly with sticks and whips and such as a means to atone for ones many, many sins….not….the other thing. Glad we cleared that up!)

Personally I’d like to declare a do-over for March’s resolution, as most of March in my part of the world was characterized largely by rain and rain and more rain and then HEY! how about some rain! Sometimes the rain would be interrupted and be replaced by the mere, ominous threatof rain,  or even on some very wonderful days a light sort of sneeze-like drizzle. And yet. Not prime gardening weather. 

In my defense, I did get out last Sunday and rake and seed and survey the future site of my garden. And I have certainly, while held captive indoors by the deluge of water falling from the sky, THOUGHT about my garden a lot. And, it’s the thought that counts….right?

Nonetheless, rain and justifications for inaction aside, March was indeed an Epic Fail.

As for how January and February’s resolutions are holding up, I would give January a C+ and February a A-.

January’s low grade is because I haven’t been feeling too well and veggies and smoothies and quinoa have been replaced with (store bought) soup and bagels and cream cheese. I am hopeful that this trend will soon reverse itself as I climb back to my normal self. February’s yoga resolution suffered at the hands of the same under-the-weather feeling, where the thought of doing downward dog was inconceivable most days, but I still managed to go an average of twice a week. 

So there it is! I stand ready to be judged.

April’s resolution is to be more social. And in an awkward turn of events, this has coincided with me selling all of our living room furniture, so at the exact time that I should be inviting people over and entertaining, I have exactly nowhere to seat them for said activities. I guess April will me me pushily inviting myself over to other people’s houses to sit on their chairs! and couches! and eat at tables!


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