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Let us all remember that on May 26, 2015 the “why?”s started.

48 hours later and I look like a haggard wreck and I’m up to three coffees a day.

I mean,  Olive has always talked a lot, but now she’s talking a lot while constantly requiring a response beyond “Mmm hmmm?”. And now the bulk of her conversations involve questions that don’t need to be asked OR responded to. In my opinion.

Clearly she disagrees. Behold, my life.

Olive: Is this dirty?
Me: Nope, it’s clean.
Olive: Why?
Me: …because…I cleaned it. It’s clean.
Olive: Why did you clean it?
Me: Because it was dirty.
Olive: Is it dirty now?
Me: No. It’s clean now.
Olive: Why?
Me: Olive, seriously? It’s clean because I cleaned it. We just went through this!
Olive: Why we went through it?
Me: *injects fourth coffee directly into bloodstream* GIVE ME STRENGTH
Olive: Why give you strength?

Please pray.