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So many options…

I’m trying to pack for Toronto. I need to have wearables for the following occasions:

– 6 hr plane ride (Never underestimate the importance of comfortable plane wear. Especially if you have to wake up at 4:30am to get on said plane)

– TIFF, glamour photos, conquering Ryan Gosling.

– Day after TIFF: sweatpants, stained hot dog tee shirts, shame etc. -basically an outfit to represent the loss of any remaining shred of dignity I may have possessed

– Beach wear for…well… beaching, while Kris runs a marathon. Or triathlon. Whatever. The point is that she’ll be doing something incredibly athletic and achievement oriented while I try and resist hot dogs and curly fries while digging sand out of my belly button. And I need something to wear while doing so.

– Grandparents visit. My grandmother is out of the hospital and receiving home care, I am slightly more optimistic about what I will encounter.

– The plane ride home. Something suitably repentant, yet cute. Something so that Adam doesn’t feel slighted by the fact that Ryan Gosling is in love with his wife, moving in and getting the bigger bedroom (Ryan! Don’t worry! He’ll get over it and y’all will be BFFs before you know it)

So! Thats a lot of clothing. So far I have packed three pairs of shoes and two scarves and my suitcase is half full.

This is going to be a long night.