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Selling out

So, I am considering running a few small ads on Sweet Madeleine.


But I want to do a little test run to work out logistics, and see what it would look like, and whether it would work for our site and benefit the advertisers.

SO, if you have a product or service you feel would fit within the scope of my site, and would like to be part of the pilot project at a reduced rate, please email me at 



I have a Facebook page! I mean I, as in me as an individual person, have had one for a while. Because, obviously, right?

In fairness I was one of the last of my friends to submit to the lure of facebook, but I did eventually cave and we now have a love/hate relationship, the ‘book and I. Nonetheless, Beth made herself a page and I started to get blogger anxiety. Like, should I have a page? How come I don’t have a page? Is it weird that I don’t have a page?

So I made a page. And then I invited exactly zero people to like it.

I sat on it for a few days feeling dumb, like, why exactly am I creating a Sweet Madeleine facebook page? I didn’t know. I still don’t know. Except…social media? Web presence? Some other bewildering jargon?

Then I invited my mom and my sister Lizzie, and both of them “Liked” it, which was terribly encouraging and so here we are.

Anyhow, I gather that this is accepted practice and it’s not enough to have a blog where you overshare your life every day but you should also have a Facebook page so I have a Facebook page and you are supposed to go “Like” it – me? – now.

Like me. Please like me.

(That basically sums up the entirety of blogging right there.)

Soooo here it is.

Yay! (?)


What’s In A Name, DickFace?

I’m a little upset with The Internets right now and here’s why:

1. AntiDuckface. An entire site devoted to denigrating what is arguably my favorite pose EVER.

DuckFace and I have a long and proud history dating as far back as 2005 (which, P.S., is like six years before this site was even INVENTED thankyouverymuch), and  probably even earlier except I don’t have photographic proof right now.

(At this point I wish to share that I have typo-d Duckface as “DickFace” like twelve times, hence the title of this post.)

Witness, 2005-era Duckface:



I did DuckFace while in Australia:


I did DuckFace when I had a nose piercing:


I do DuckFace when posing with my sister:                                                  


I’ve done Duckface while taking boredom shots of myself on long car rides:


And y’all just know I busted out some good ole DF for the Glamour Photos


Do you know how long it took to find all of those photos? About ten minutes.

Why? Oh, because there is at least one DuckFace shot in EVERY SINGLE photo album on our computer (It would have taken five minutes except I had to find pictures of myself doing either solo-DuckFace shots (considerably more rare) or DuckFace shots with people who probably wouldn’t mind being published on my blog in a post with the word “Dickface” in the title).

And you know what? In MY day we didn’t even call it “DuckFace” , we called it “KissyFace” which sounds far cuter. Look, all this preamble is not trying to say that I invented it or anything, but my god Internets, please don’t take DuckFace/KissyFace away from me. Don’t let this website kill DuckFace.


Thank You, Amen.                                      

(moving on…)

2. A few days ago I was musing that once this blog starts raking in the millions (I’ll wait while you stop cough-laughing) I might want to drop the and just move to .com, you know, streamline things a bit like Beyonce or Madonna. So I tried to go ahead and reserve that domain name (just in case) but, EGADS! the name was taken!

“By whom?” you might well be inquiring. I wanted to find out too, so I let my fingers do the walking all the way over to , and what should I find waiting for me there?

Why, Sweet Madeleine, the Cocker Spaniel of course! (Or King Charles Cavalier?…some sort of spaniel anyway)


Guys, my blog domain name belongs to a dog.

And, I mean look, she’s a very cute dog who is obviously very loved and adored (Do you see that awesome life jacket?!) but also, clearly not very well acquainted with her namesake.

Um, yeah, hi, Dog-Madeleine? I am a famous blogger. I have like 150 readers! Yeah-huh. I KNOW! One-five-oh baby.

Don’t you know who I am?


Who am I kidding, no one can stay mad at a Madeleine. Carry on, you sassy little minx.

(Also, in case you’re counting (I am) I now know two gorgeous shopgirls, one kitten and one Cocker/King Charles Cavalier Spaniel named Madeleine. I’m bringing it back, baby!)

and finally, the last of my grievances with The Internets:

3.  When I started to search around for alternate domain names, THIS was also taken.



DickFace DuckFace on the outside, crying on the inside.



Guys, the blog name isn’t because I’m sweet – it’s because of Neil Diamond.

My name is French, preferably pronounced with a thick accent and a baguette: “Mad-Len”

Nevertheless I’m not picky about pronunciation, I’ve heard everything from Mad-a-line to Madleeny and in High School I had a few friends who always used to sing this to me, substituting my name for Caroline’s.

Now you know! And more importantly, the dulcet tones of Neil Diamond will be forever stuck in your head whenever you read my blog name.

Sweeeet Madeleine, (DA DA DA)

You’re welcome 🙂