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I love that I’m receiving advice like this

From BetterThingsToDo, the following wisdom:

“Well, I have a limited knowledge of horror movies (due to the over active imagination) but usually when there’s some secret hidden room with a new strange paint job or wallpapering its due to the fact that whoever was in there fucked some shit up.

Don’t call the cops, they are usually involved or already aware. Burn some sage, put an object in the middle of the room, close that creepy little door and wait. If the object moves it’s time to get up outta there.

As for Adam, J would pull that fuckery too and probably try to move our room into the creepy room. Don’t let any of the creepy rub off on Adam though, he’s susceptible to possession. J would be possessed in a heart beat.

Oh, and don’t call the priest, apparently they don’t fare well if the exorcism goes awry. “

She’s right though, Adam is totally susceptible to possession. He would probably let it happen voluntarily just to see what it felt like.