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Our wandering yesterday also brought us into a shoe store, where I made the mistake of pointing out the exact shoes that Adam was wearing.

Me: Hey look, it’s your shoes

Adam: Oh! (checks price) They’re $60!

Adam: (looking around excitedly) Hey these are the ones I got at the garage sale! They were $2! I saved $58 by getting these at a garage sale!

Me: oh my god, oh my GOD! Shut up! Stop telling people you bought your shoes at a garage sale!

Guys, get that look off your face, they used to belong to a guy we KNOW. Adam doesn’t just buy random dudes old shoes. Although… he does have that other pair of vintage dress shoes he got at that consignment sto… IRRELEVANT.

This pair looked really new. Like they hadn’t even been worn, really. So I mean, they pretty much WERE new shoes, just…being re-sold. In front of someone’s garage. Not even in it. So…nevermind OK?