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All You Need Is Less, Eco-Friendly Living

3 Things to Remember If You’re Eco-friendly & Your Spouse Isn’t

“I’m eco-friendly. My spouse isn’t. How do I convince them to change? Are their actions canceling out my own?”

That was the crux of a question posted by Pete on the Sweet Madeleine Facebook page.  Today I took a few minutes to make a video answering his question, featuring wind blown hair, double chins, and even a surprise appearance by a mischievous puppy.

I’ll summarise the key points after the jump for any video-averse folks out there.

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valerah said: How did you get Olive to sleep alone in her crib? We are starting the transition now (7 weeks) and its not as easy as I’d hoped!

Hmm, we never really did a formal transition. Olive was so sleepy in the beginning (I think because she was 2.5 weeks early) that she’d sleep anywhere, so she was in her crib a fair bit for naps, and nighttime too.

She did sleep with us for a few nights at first, but Adam was extremely uncomfortable with having her in the bed with us – he was (and still is) terrified of rolling over on her, and although I loved having her with us (what’s better than a snuggly sleeping baby?), I had to admit that I had the same worries. 

Sleeping with her in the bed with me meant that I never slept deeply. I was always subconsciously aware of where she was, and where I was in relation to her, and that I had to not fall asleep so deep that I rolled over in the night and smushed my baby.

But nonetheless, in the beginning she would start the night in her crib, because that was her longest stretch of sleep (around 4 hours usually) and then when she woke up I’d would take her with me into the guest bedroom to feed her and just sleep with her there because she was nursing every few hours anyway.

Eventually as her stretches of sleep got longer and longer, and she was doing two, four hour stretches, I’d just nurse her and put her back into the crib when she was done.

Now she usually falls sleep while I’m nursing her for the last time each night and we put her in her crib and she sleeps the whole night in there, and also most naps when she’s at home. But I have to say that if she hated being in her crib, or woke up crying every time she was in there I think I would have brought her back into bed with me. I’d hate to think that she was lonely or missing her mama, but she seems to be just fine. We do have to put her down asleep though, she’s not yet at the point where she can soothe herself to sleep. We definitely have times (mostly during the day) when we put her in the crib and as soon as you lay her down her eyes pop open and she cries.

So, in conclusion to this long-winded, disjointed ramble: Because we didn’t really have a plan at all, I’m not sure what advice to give. And as we have all learned, advice is probably useless anyway. But maybe make sure baby is sleeping before putting him down (like, dead asleep, zombie sleep where you can lift an arm and drop it and he doesn’t even move), and then he’ll get used to being in the crib when he wakes up, and might associate it with sleep? Or swaddle him? Sometimes we’d put a warm (like 1 minute in the microwave) magic bag in Olive’s crib to ease the transition from our warm arms to the cool crib sheets. I’m not sure I’ve helped at all, but I’ve babbled long enough. Good Luck!


valerah replied to your post:
Also curious if you pump a lot? I’m feeling insecure about my measly 6 oz freezer stash but also hate pumping…
No I rarely do. Despite Adam’s demands, I too only have around 6 oz frozen. But this is mostly because until recently we were battling thrush, and you can’t freeze milk while dealing with thrush because then the thrush demon will come back again the second you thaw that milk and feed it to your baby and we are NEVER dealing with thrush again it’s horrible and I hate it the end.
So. Now that the Infection That Shall Not Be Named is cured (please knock on any and all wood things for me) I might get better about pumping and hoarding breastmilk. I don’t mind pumping though, in his quest for milk Adam found a sweet Medela pump secondhand (not gross, you can sterilize everything) and it only takes me about 5 minutes.


dover replied to your post: Selfie

Target sells bravado nursing bras that are really stretchy and will grow with you. I’ve been wearing them since I was about 18 weeks along. The comfort factor is worth it. The same brand also makes nursing camis that I live in.

Thank you! This is an awesome suggestion. Unfortunately I live in Canada where our Prime Minister has explicitly forbade Target from setting up shop, but maybe I can track them down elsewhere. Thanks for the tip!