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All You Need Is Less

Book Giveaway #4!

Win a copy of All You Need Is Less by Madeleine Somerville!

Well folks, my book has officially been released! And thus, my promotional duties are almost done. (HA! Just kidding, they’ve only just begun! But this is (probably) the last giveaway I’ll run on the blog, so I’m going balls out with this one. Prepare yourself!)

Remember a while ago when I ran that delightful survey about how much book stuff to plaster on the blog, and a whopping 18% of you were like, “Yeah! Not only do we want to hear all about your crazy book but we totally support you and want to help you spread your hippie gospel to the world!” Well, this post is for the 18% – friends, I am coming to collect on that legally binding survey response!

Writing a book is a weird thing. Having it finally published is even weirder. It sort of feels like I have spent a horrendous amount of time working on a large sign, and now I have decided to walk down to a busy street corner and stand there holding this sign over my head.


And whooooo! it’s a little cold out here! So I’ve decided that instead of doing what I usually do – which is just standing here shivering and basically doing everything but asking for help – I will just ask for your help.

It sometimes feels awkward to do this, because you truly don’t owe me anything. In fact I always feel quite the opposite – I feel grateful that you are here day after day, because otherwise this whole endeavour would feel rather silly – without you guys I am just some strange lady slinging words into a black hole for no reason. But I have learned that it’s okay to ask for help, especially when you think that the end result would be really positive for everyone involved.

Guys, I’m calling in reinforcements! If you enjoy my writing, and have laughed/cried/cringed at any of my ramblings about sex attics and cupcake parties; smoky eyes and pregnancy, can I ask you to do me a small kindness?

* If you have already received a copy of my book, would you mind leaving an honest rating on the site where you ordered it, or on Amazon?

* If getting a copy is on your to-do list right between shaving your winter legs and finally dealing with your laundry situation, would you make an effort to support a local bookstore by ordering a copy from them when you do get around to it? (And if you could see my legs or my laundry situation, you would know that I understand that this could happen anytime between now and December. And that’s ok. Lowered expectations!)

* When you DO get to your local bookstore, could you ask them if they would bring in a few copies to carry in the store, too? If they seem reluctant just tell them that I am married to noted Neanderthal artist A-dAM. They’ll know who he is.

* If a book chock full of gardening, DIY beauty remedies, easy minimalism, and simple, guilt-free green living (with slight feminist undertones) isn’t really your thing, would you consider passing my blog, and/or book onto someone else who might enjoy it?

Who might that be you ask? Well, just about anyone, really. But particularly anyone who wants to…

  • Make their own laundry detergent, household cleaners, body lotion, silver polish, diaper creams, and even sexy natural personal lubricants (say whaaaa?)
  • Escape the judgy, expensive, and sometimes frustratingly complicated world that eco-friendly living has  become lately (have you been feeling it? I have been feeling it.)
  • Learn why plain ol’ baking soda has been proven more gentle on your tooth enamel than any regular toothpaste
  • Understand (and escape!) the cycle of buy-break-dispose-replace that we seem to get sucked into again and again despite our best intentions
  • Figure out why I advocate sticking needles into your face
  • Laugh until you pee, feel empowered instead of hopeless, and live happily, with less.


* Last but not least, enter this final giveaway so I can send you a little note and a signed copy of All You Need Is Less and you can gawk at my horrific penmanship (it’s like a teenaged boy, seriously) and wonder how I ever passed grade 1!

You guys are fabulous! I wish you the best of luck…and…go!

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