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The Recipe -

This has nothing to do with this post. But I felt it needed a picture. Why a picture of me upside down wearing lipstick? WHY NOT.

[Language warning! Do I even need to warn you at this point? I’m going to stop issuing language warnings. From this point on just assume everything I post will contain a barrage of eff-bombs. It’ll just be easier for everyone this way, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised when I manage to do without, and write like a real LADY every so often.]

Yesterday morning,  Lizzie and I headed out for a Nephrologist appointment. She has the same kidney disorder that I do,  and I was tagging along to her appointment in the hopes that I could meet her doctor and have him accept me as a patient as well.

To be honest, I’ve been struggling with my health a little bit in the past few months, with an ER visit a few weeks ago and an almost constant roller coaster of energy levels and muscle pain. It’s really frustrating losing whole days to headaches and fatigue, so the sooner I can get this sorted out, the better.

When we arrived and checked in, the receptionist told us that the nephrologist was running about an hour behind. Lovely! Liz called her work to let them know she’d be late coming in and then we chilled out in the waiting room for a bit,  flipping through surprisingly up-to-date copies of Flare and Good Housekeeping.

And then we got thirsty. Really thirsty. Lizzie may have been a bit hungover, so getting a drink was more of a necessity than an option at this point, so we decided to go in search of a something to quench our dry mouths.

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