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One of my favorite views in this old house, through the doorway into the guest room.


A Month Late and a Dollar Short

I’ve been meaning to post pictures from Christmas since, well, since the day after Christmas. Somehow I’ve always gotten waylaid and distracted, stuck when faced with choosing only a few of the hundreds of photos we took over that week.

This year felt like one of those years that we will be talking about twenty years from now, relaxing in someone’s palatial mansion with a kajillion next generation kids running around like hellions, torturing their cousins in some sort of bizarre Lord of the Flies-type scenario while the adults slip into a gentle drunkenness, blissfully unaware of the chaos.

We will remember how my sister and her husband almost spent the holiday camping outside, how Hilary appointed herself the Family Mouthpiece, “Saying What Everyone Is Thinking”, how we crammed everyone into our teensy tiny little cottage, how we used a bench as a Christmas dinner table and how, thanks to an ingenious stocking stuffer from our Brother-In-Law, the soundtrack to Christmas 2011 will forever be remembered as the clicking of hundreds of tiny magnetic balls.

So. I present to you my family in all of its chaotic glory, one of the best Christmases to date. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


Given that we missed his grooming appointment, I needed to bathe Gus and decided to do it while Adam was away because damned if I was going to let that dog sleep on his brand new bed in his current filthy state.

Adam usually takes charge of bathing and it goes fairly smoothly. So I hadn’t counted on Gus balking when commanded to “Get in the tub” and then turtling, flattening himself against the floor and having to be heaved in manually, scrabbling and resisting me every step of the way.

After the third attempt we both sat back, panting and staring at eachother, I was almost ready to admit defeat when I remembered I had dried salmon treats.

It’s incredible how well behaved he becomes when a fistful of fish is waved under his nose.