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In the navy


If I had a DIY blog- which I would not ever have because I am so terrible at photographing the process and follow through of various millions of projects, but anyway – it would be called DIY After Dark. Because I honestly begin most of my projects after 10:30 pm on any given night.

Last night it was painting our bedroom navy. I only got two walls done (and no cutting in) before I needed to go chip away at a few long overdue writing assignments, so this morning I woke up and was like WHAT THE WHAT?

Similarly, when Adam came to bed last night he was like OH! OH. WOW. I…I’m sure it’ll look good when you’re done!

The middle part of any painting project is made up of 100% fear and regret. The first coat is always patchy and looks like shit, the colour itself is muddled against the virulent green of painters tape and unpainted walls, plus your room looks very flop-housy while everything is getting done.

But I’ve done this enough times to have confidence in my colour choice. NAVY, Man!

If only so I can have a legit reason to buy a sailor hat and drag out related puns for many blog post titles to come.

(I will try to properly DIY this because I took a whole bunch of Before pictures and I will try to pair them with their corresponding After pictures. For once in my life)