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Ole painty can Madeleine strikes again!

In our bedroom we have a bench (e-i-e-i-o) and I built that bench from scratch and painted it white and then distressed it and loved it forever and ever amen.

Until Adam bought power tools and stole it (despite my keening wails of “Nooooo! Not my bennnnch!”) and said that he was going to make something out of its “perfectly good wood”.

“The wood has already been made into something!” I cried, “A BENCH!”

But you can’t argue with a man who has recently acquired $300 worth of power tools and now needs a way to justify their purchase.

So he sanded the top of the bench and then (am I a bad wife if I say predictably? Predictably) lost interest and the bench, MY bench sat in his workshop for two more weeks before I reclaimed it.

Over the holidays it bravely served as a makeshift dinner table, before being returned to our room to serve as a sitting place and a place to rest my Samsonite train case o’ makeup.

Then yesterday I bought a sample pot of paint the colour of sea glass and painted that perfectly good wood.

And then I bought a stem of rich purple orchids and all was right with the world and now I look at this little corner of colour amidst the gray outside and it makes me feel happy.