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Miss O

This is the first girly-girl thing I have purchased for our dear Miss O.

I was planning on adding an Anthropologie-style fabric letter to the wall art above her change table (as soon as we knew her name that is), but at the last minute decided to check on Etsy on the off-chance that I could support an individual crafter doing something similar.

Zeut ALORS I am glad I did! After a few minutes of searching, I stumbled upon The Urban Spindle. She makes adorable patchwork fabric letters, and although she did have an “O” in stock, I fell in love with the fabric she used for this “M”.

Through the magic of Etsy, a few short messages later the adorable custom-made patchwork “O” you see above is on it’s way, perfect for our Olive.

Home & DIY Projects

Not-A-Nursery Part II

As we discussed earlier, dear little demon baby doesn’t have a room of his/her own. The guest room houses the dresser/change table, clothing, diapers etc. and our room will be where the baby sleeps.

So, behold! Part two of baby-izing our home.

Our bedroom nook before:


And now:


This little corner is so jam packed with craftiness from our family and friends, I almost don’t know where to begin.

The gorgeous nursery wall art was created by my good friend Jody. She is an incredible graphic designer and worked meticulously to find a font, layout and design that would work in our room. She even made a girl version and a boy version of each one ( Just changing the gender pronouns, colour will remain the same.)

I currently have one of each hung, and will switch out the other when we find out the baby’s sex.

The smaller canvas was handmade by my two littlest sisters, Hilary and Mawney, and hangs where the baby will be able to see it while (hopefully) going to sleep.

These two are adorable and thoughtful, I simply can’t wait to see them holding their very first niece or nephew. 


The incredible quilt was handmade by Adam’s mom – quilt-maker extraordinaire! A few months ago I sent her a link to the fabric and asked if she would make a little crib quilt with it, but what she gave us at the baby shower went so above and beyond – as you can see by the series of crazy faces I’m making here:


Better pictures of this work of art are here:


This is one of those amazing things we can pass down to each of our kids, it will  get more worn and loved with each year and be made ever the more special because it was crafted with love by Grandma. 

(I’m not crying! YOU’RE crying! *sob* It’s okay, no judgement, lets just move on.)

The mint green knitted blanket was made for Adam by a customer of his, who is particularly fond of him (what can I say? My man has a knack for charming elderly ladies.) It was such a sweet gesture, and funny that the colour fits so well with my current obsession with mint, turquoise, teal etc.


And finally, one piece you don’t see in the pictures above, because it wasn’t quite finished when I took them, is the cradle my dad spent so much time working on.


He made this by hand when my big brother was born, 31 years ago. He is fond of reminding us that there isn’t one piece of metal in the whole thing – nary a screw nor a nail. He spent the whole weekend refinishing, sanding, staining and repairing it so that the baby could sleep for the first few weeks in the same cradle that all of my siblings and I did.

There’s a lot of love crammed into this tiny corner. We can’t wait to bring baby home.


Before & After: Nursery Dresser

This post is dedicated to my coworker Vanessa. For the past few months, whenever it got slow at work I would take a few seconds and cruise around on Craigslist looking for a dresser. I am picky. And borderline OCD. And indecisive. All of this adds up to me taking six months to make a decision normal people would have made in three days.

She has seemingly infinite reserves of patience, because not once during those months did she grab me by the shoulders and shake me violently whilst screaming “PICK ONE GOD DAMMIT! Just PIIIIICK OOOONNNEE!” even though she must have wanted to. Desperately.

Now. Onto the good stuff.

We needed to buy a dresser to store baby stuff in. I had a very specific idea in mind of what type of dresser I wanted, and this was it:


I didn’t want “baby” furniture. I wanted something I could use for years and re-purpose in other areas of our home once it outgrew its purpose as a onesie-holder & change table.

Preferably mid-century, solid wood, long and low, with plenty of drawers. It also had to be less than $400. I came up with that number because you can buy an IKEA piece of crap press-board dresser for the same amount, so it seemed reasonable for a quality piece of secondhand furniture. 

There were two problems however. One, this type of dresser was really hard to find. Not impossible, because I did come across two or three that fit the bill, but hard because they were all being sold in the city about an hours drive from where we live and getting there before they were scooped by someone else was a challenge.

Oh, also? There is absolutely nowhere in our house that would fit an almost 6 foot long dresser. Ha! Did I forget to mention that? I’m not sure what I thought would happen to change that fact, because, knowing this, I just kept looking. For months.

Anyway, fast forward to a week ago. I was getting antsy, nesty, needing to get things in order-y. Adam and I were driving into town after a midwife’s appointment and I declared “That’s IT. I’ve had it. I am finding a dresser today and I’m going to buy it and paint it and then this whole saga will be over. OVER!”

Adam, who had confessed to me recently that he was having dreams about mid-century dressers and Eames rocking chairs, just nodded numbly. 

Nevertheless, Internets, I want you to know that I manifested this dresser!

The first second hand store I walked into had a fabulous little number sitting in the corner and I knew that my search was over.

It was in great shape, the frame and drawers were solid wood, and it wasn’t 6 feet long! Best of all, it was $50. I bought it on the spot and Adam and his amazing coworker Saren both helped get it to our house the next day.

So here we are, the little dresser that could, before:


Although the frame was solid wood, the tops and sides were veneer and in pretty bad shape so I didn’t feel too badly about painting them. First I had a lovely tete-a-tete with an elderly man at my local hardware store, then, armed with paint supplies, I began the work.

Obviously I chose to start at high noon on one of the hottest days we’ve had so far. Why not?

I scuff-sanded the whole dresser, then applied about a million (3) coats of primer. In between coats I went inside, collapsed in front of a fan and delicately dabbed my forehead with a cool washcloth.


Originally I was going to paint the sides of the drawers a fun colour (like a bright yellow) but when I primed them I absolutely loved the way they looked with a racing stripe of natural wood running down the drawer grooves. (Incidentally I also think this helped ward off any issues with sticky drawers that you can sometimes have when painting a wood piece.)

After priming everything, I set to work on the drawer fronts. I wanted to do an ombre-style dresser like this one I saw on Pinterest. The easiest way to do this, I think, is just to grab a paint chip card with three hues of the came colour  and go to town, rather than trying to mix and match to find ones that work together.

I chose three Behr colours: Embellished Blue, Surfer, and Aquatic Green. I was able to get these in little sample pots, so the three shades of blue paint only cost around $15 and I still have a good 2/3’s left in each pot.

I painted and sanded and painted and sanded and painted some more. Then Adam and I hemmed and hawed about keeping the original hardware – those sweet little bows – and whether or not to paint the legs. I was leaning towards original hardware and naked legs as a nod to the old wood colour, but once we moved the dresser into the room I changed my mind, and we painted the legs and switched out the old handles for crystal drawer pulls.

So, behold! The finished product.


I would still like to get some cute drawer liners, and put a coat of high-gloss paint on the top of the dresser, as the current finish is satin and probably won’t stand up too well to all of the scrubbing and wiping down it will get in its current incarnation as a change table.

That can wait until I can stand to look at another paintbrush however, in the meantime viola! Project, complete 🙂


I saw this today and couldn’t resist.