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Guys, Neville Longbottom got hot. HOT.

I’ve already spread the word endlessly on Facebook and in long dreamy conversations with friends wherein I imagine I had befriended him when he was a young awkward buck-toothed lad of…oh my god, 8? 12? Sweet jesus when did he start doing Harry Potter? Yikes he’s young. Ok so age is just a number tra la la! …anyway I would have befriended him and stayed his BFF and then when he showed up looking like THIS at the Deathly Hallows premiere in Chicago I could have had one of those awesomely awkward  conversations where you are trying to manhandle a friendship into becoming something more.

Those always go well, right?

Anyway, his name is actually Matthew Lewis and I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of him in the coming years. Which, let’s be honest, is FINE with me.

Despite THAT, that picture above, I am conflicted. I mean I wish I had never seem him as Neville and he had just busted onto the scene apres-metamorphosis, like “BOOM! I have awesome eyebrows and a mischevious grin and seem totally comfotrable in my own skin for someone my age.”  and not because he was – lets’ face it- kind of awkward looking before. I think it’s because he was first introduced to us as a child, and I mean he’s probably like 20 now but still…weird.

We’re going to have to debate this one for a bit. (Does the fact that I devote this kind of energy to deciding whether I would or wouldn’t with Neville, despite the fact that I am married (happily)  suggest that I either have OCD or too much time on my hands or both?)