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– I picked up several used condoms (not, like, USED used, just opened and discarded)

– I interrupted a conversation being had around the pool table that included waaaaay too much ball innuendo…as in “Man you have a lot of balls” “Yeah look at my balls!” “Man I hit those balls so hard” “Do you think you could fit those balls in your mouth?” by poking my head out of the office and saying “Yeah yeah we all get it , those are called balls and you guys have testicles … can we move on?” and then got heckled by 10 teens for being “perverted”.

-I answered the following question from our question box “What’s a qweef?”

-I watched in amusement as a 13 year old boy cut the sleeves off his shirt and then, after proudly surveying his handiwork announced “I feel like a new man!”

Just a typical Wednesday at my job. Man, those four years studying ascribed status, anomie and Durkheim have really come in handy lately.