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All You Need Is Less

Poll results! (!)

Due to my background in Sociology I find polls fascinating, so the title warranted the extra exclamation mark. You may not agree, but read on just in case.

Here are the results of the very official Sweet Madeleine blog poll

Fully 34% of you told me exactly what I want to hear, which is DO WHAT YOU WANT, Madeleine! Yesssss. I love that 34% of this audience is made up of enablers.

25% said they wanted to hear stuff, but not in a BUY THIS BUY THIS PLEASE BUY THIS have I mentioned I’m selling something? BUY THIS! type way. Which, I mean fair enough. Good lord that’s obnoxious, hey?

Around 18% of you wanted to hear everything. Everything! Seriously? You’re my new favourites. I am having tee-shirts made for the 18%.

22% said an 80/20 split of regular/book content would be great, and 18% more said that not only do they want to hear it all, they want to go out into the world and preach my hippie gospel!

Aaaand my favourite result of the day: 1 single, solitary person checked the box for the option that read :Eff you and your mother-effing book, Madeleine. I don’t come here to read about baking soda! 

Do you know what this means? Adam really DOES read here!

Anyway, in all seriousness, thank you. This helped me solidify a clearer idea of what this endeavor will look like, including a few posts about the process (that sounds really dry, but I promise you entertainment!), and even four weeks of giveaways leading up to and including the release date on April 15. So!

Thank you 🙂

– Madeleine

P.S. To that one person: YOU are my new favourite. Baking soda inDEED.