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Scene: Madeleine makes breakfast in bed for Adam.

Open, interior kitchen, 9am: Gus eagerly waits in anticipation because he knows that any time Madeleine is in the kitchen in the morning, she’s either making bacon, or a smoothie (or in this case BOTH OMG!). As she lavishly pours bacon grease over his food and relishes being his favorite owner at least until Adam gets up and starts wrasslin’ him, a solitary voice is heard from the bedroom.

Adam: What are you feeding him?

Madeleine: Oh just some leftover smoothie (winking conspiratorially at dog, who ignores her as he gulps down bacon-grease infused kibble)

Adam: Ok good – you remember he’s allergic to pork right?

Of course he is. And feathers. And Birch trees. And cotton. And oats. And sorghum. And“fish mix’. I guess diarrhea will be my thank you. AGAIN.

p.s. This is my 100th post y’all! I thought that in keeping with the overall TONE of the blog it should feature bowel movements or Gus, or some combination thereof and then fate dished me up a perfect combo of both this morning. It’s the summer of Madeleine! (not really)