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Things I Am Thinking of Writing About

….as I sit here with a coffee and tap my fingers against the keyboard and strum my fingers against this desk, trying to summon inspiration:

1. How I ate half a wheel of Goat Cheese Brie last night and then finished the rest of it this morning and don’t even have the decency to feel guilty because hey! my naturopath said I should be eating more cheese and more fat so, you know, just doin’ what I’m told.

2. That time when we came home and as we rounded the curve in our street we saw Gus’ head pop up in our bedroom window. The window that is directly above our bed. Meaning he had snuck onto our bed, a place he is expressly forbidden from sleeping and really if you want to get into it he’s not even allowed to enter our bedroom at all.

And we stopped the car and for a few moments we all stared at each other, Gus looking at us, us looking at Gus, until he must have realized that he was well and truly busted and his head disappeared from the window. When we finally stopped laughing and went inside he was lying on his bed in the living room, all nonchalant, like, “Oh hey guys, you’re home? Yeah cool, I was just napping here on my comfy dog bed. OH! By the way I think I saw someone in your bedroom you might want to check that out.”

3. How if I changed really quickly I could still make it to the noon Core Yoga class but I really shouldn’t because I know that I only want to go so I can put another gold star beside my name and then I mean, I have two in a row so LET’S WIN THIS THING!

4. Kindness in marriage. Or more specifically, the role of marriage, or the role of a wife in marriage, or MY role as a wife in MY marriage. Are people sick of hearing about my marriage?

5. Funny stories from work. I have so many stories guys, SO many. But I am bound by confidentiality and even though I am technically allowed to share stories if I change the identifying details, we live in such a small town, that changing gender pronouns and/or ages will mean nothing when everyone will just know who I mean anyway.

6. How my living simply thing might have gotten out of hand because yesterday Adam had to convince me not to try and sell our toaster. OUR TOASTER. (It’s a pretty awesome piece of machinery though I must say, because it can be a toaster OR a toaster oven! Okay fifty bucks takes it.)

7. How we watched The Rum Diaries last night and the whole time I just kept thinking that I would literally give up the use of one of my limbs if only I could use words like Hunter S. Thompson.

8. How my mind is so blank I can’t even make it to ten on this list.