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This feature is called “Blogging At The Market” ( jingle: Blogging At The Mahhhr-kettt… With your host! Madeleine!) wherein your heroine risks frostbite by typing out a shortish post while freezing her ten year old boys bum off hawking her remaining wares at an outdoor market.

Outdoor market? We’re in CANADA guys, who thinks this shit up? Better yet, who signs up to DO them?

Now you and my frozen fingers know the answer to that one.

What’s been happening lately: work, work, outreach work at work, some sleep, some eating

What hasn’t been happening: blogging (obvs), laundry, dog walking, salsa con queso eating :(, and Christmas shopping where I buy things for people other than myself.

Upcoming posts: the awesome thing Adam did that earned him that dinner where I live-tweeted my adventures in cooking a whole chicken, thoughts on the impending arrival of The Anarchy and much, MUCH more!

(not really that much more actually… That’ll probably be it.)