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Here are a few pictures of our slowly-coming-together home!

The office/writing room (I keep calling it My Writing Room and Adam keeps calling it His Office? Clearly we are going to have a Sharks vs. Jets style musical turf war. I’ll tape it for you ) (and for the observant, why yes! Yes that IS a potty you see on the floor. Sometimes this mama’s work time coincides with a certain toddlers potty-party time, so there it is. Behold! Just keepin’ it real for ya 😉 )

Then we have our room in all it’s lilac walled floor-bed glory. THEN our cupboards which wouldn’t typically warrant an internet display but for the fact that they have a built in platter stand! George and Betty thought of everything!

Then we have our bare bones living room and entrance, with pictures hung on leftover hooks for no other purpose than to get them off the floor.

It’s coming together!