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This my friends, is multitasking at its finest!

I had another IV scheduled for this morning so I decided I may as well make use of the 5 hours I have to sit there, and brought Adam’s laptop along so I could finish up a writing project I’ve been procrastinating doing.

(I’m getting total flashbacks to university where I would leave everything to the last minute, only to find myself the night before a paper was due, fueled by panic and caffeine frantically banging out 15 pages of -hopefully- amazing work)

I managed to reschedule my diabetes appointment for during my IV because they’re in an office just down the hall, so that worked out rather well actually.

(DIABEETUS TANGENT: I’m cured! Well, not really. But sort of! The clinicians are pretty sure that my kidney condition and chronically low magnesium was skewing my blood sugar levels higher, and sure enough after my last IV my numbers dropped and stayed low and now I never have to see the diabetes ladies again! I mean, they are wonderful, amazing, helpful women but I am SO glad to never have to go back!)

Let me tell you, I had a pretty sweet set up. the IV, my laptop, appointments where they came to me, and then at noon they brought me a little lunch of soup and tea and delicate cucumber cream cheese sandwiches – I was living the dream!

Seriously I don’t know why hospital cafeterias get such a bad rap, every time I have been here the food has been awesome.

I also keep thinking how lucky I am to be in a country that has access to all of this (the doctors and nurses and tests and infusions and yes, even the cucumber sandwiches) and also that all of it doesn’t cost me a penny. Honestly, I can’t imagine where we would be if we didn’t have this kind of care, or if we had to pay for it. This would be a million dollar baby! It’s tempting sometimes to complain, or get annoyed with how many appointments and specialists and procedures I undergo, but mostly I’m just really, really grateful.