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I always love when bloggers do little “here’s a peek inside my home” series. Partially because I’m naturally a snoop, partially because whenever I walk around someone’s home I think about a study I read that talks about how you can form a more accurate impression about someone by looking around their bedroom for five minutes than you can from speaking to them for fifteen. 

This is why it makes me unspeakably sad to see the homogenization of design in our homes – it’s so much more than cookie cutter houses filled with the same beige walls and brown leather sectionals and granite counter tops. It’s the erasure of small tokens of personality, non-conformity – I mean what can you learn walking around a home that’s decorated to look like no one lives there?

It’s not even about “good” design or decorating as dictated by the latest house porn mag – you don’t have to have the “right” furniture or trendy colours or pictyure-perfect anything, just make your space look like YOU.

Bikes hanging from the walls, snowboard gear stowed in a corner, in my case a giant dog bed taking up half my living room. Let me be able to see who you are by the pictures on your walls – and for gods sake don’t frame FABRIC. Or abstract scrapbook prints. Seriously, why is this a thing? With all of the art in the world, ALL of the art that has never more easily accessible than now, we are lining our walls with prints from IKEA. Mass-stamped canvases we bought from Winners.

I could cry.

Anyway. This wasn’t supposed to be a rant, this was just supposed to say that I love snooping around people’s spaces, not to judge the placement of throw pillows, but to see who they are. And it doesn’t help if who you are is just like your neighbour and your neighbour’s neighbour and so on. Show your true colours – help a snoop out!

That said, in the blogging world I think it’s sometimes rare to share photos of your space without being a home-fashion blog, or picture perfect spaces. I have neither. My spaces are inhabited by do-for-now furniture and large messy beasts/men, my spaces are small, sometimes nonfunctional, but I’m going to start sharing them a few a week. Why not?

It’s the perfect time to document our home because we haven’t done much in the way of preparing for baby in terms of decorating or furniture, so it’ll provide a cool sort of artifact, the same way you’d take a pre-baby belly picture. 

This is a few shots of our home without children.

(Full disclosure: I took advantage of a massive nesting-related purge, and pre-guest tidy-up when I took these shots. Things aren’t always so tickety boo…imagine a little more dog hair, a few more beer cans )