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All You Need Is Less

do-gooders: a giveaway


GIVEAWAY! Win a copy of All You Need Is Less, a jar of my homemade lotion, a handwritten note, a small cross-stich surprise, and a tarot card reading! Enter by March 20, 2015.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how the absolute best way to feel good, is by doing good.

It’s something that’s easy to forget when you are feeling swamped and subsumed by your own problems, but I swear it works. Every time.

Think of it as choosing to give out, rather than giving up. Our culture encourages a lot of pampering during tough times, and while I am totally on board with this idea (having bought myself a new lipstick or two in the past few months) I also know from firsthand experience that I get way more from using $20 to help someone else, rather than indulging in a Haagen Dazs-fuelled pity party, or a pedicure for myself.

This was the thinking behind our Valentine’s day¬†adventures. The timing of this whole thing really bit the big one – right after things went down I had to struggle through what felt like a series of blows to the head (and the heart) – Christmas, my birthday, New Year’s, Valentines Day. Boom, boom, boom, POW.

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