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My brother and his lovely wife Kate have just adopted their first furbaby- a 7 year old Shar Pei/ Shepherd cross named Frank. (of course he’s named Frank! LOOK AT HIM! That is a dog named Frank if I ever saw one) Initially they were thinking about changing his name and my brother and I had the following helpful exchange :

Me: How about Chauncey or Shuffles?

Liam: No.

Me: Louis? Capote?

Liam: No.

Me: How DARE you reject my suggestions!

Liam: I was thinking more like Asspirate. Or Motherfucker.

Me: Hmm, Adam and I have been saving Asspirate for a baby name.

Liam: Fair enough. First one gets it?

Me: Okay.

Liam: How about Dinnertime?

Me: I feel strongly that you should just stick with Frank. That or Asspirate (if I don’t use it first.)

So. Barring a last minute name change, meet my newest dog nephew: Frank.