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Time to wrap up February and see how I did on the resolution front.

If you’re new here, the game plan for 2012 resolutions can be found here, January’s wrap up is here.

February was yoga month – it could also be called “Not Posting Month” as my mother is so fond of reminding me. I overachieved on both these fronts!

My goal was to go to yoga 2-3 times a week. Two was the ideal, three would be a bonus (I have to start small and reasonable or I burn out) . And LO! In February I hauled ass down to the yoga studio exactly 11 times, which works out to an average of 2.75 times per week.

I feel really good. As I mentioned before, internally I feel more still and calm, not in an obnoxious way (I hope) but in that soothing, laissez faire feeling you get after having one really good drink. Guys, yoga has left me with a perma-buzz. 

 Going into this resolution I was worried about cash flow, as I’ve mentioned before, we are not exactly lighting Cubans with hundred dolla bills y’all. In town a three month yoga pass costs $210 and if I keep going an average of 2.75 times a week it works out to roughly $6.30 a class.

Totally worth it! That’s like a bottle of wine every week – except I don’t drink wine. Or any alcohol in fact. I also don’t smoke. Or gamble. Or even drink cappuccinos anymore, so really we can justify this expenditure for the immense swathes of  mental clarity it provides and say that contorting myself into strange positions with twelve other spandex-clad people is now my only vice. 

As for carrying over January’s resolution into February, that’s gone well too. I’ve been gluten free for two months now, and a reader emailed me to ask if I’ve lost weight with this way of eating and the answer is no. But losing weight isn’t the objective for me, my BMI already classifies me as “Underweight” (but that doesn’t really mean anything- click here for a great visual of BMI fuckery) and since visiting my Naturopath I’ve been trying to incorporate more good fats into my diet in the form of healthy oils, fat-dense food like avocados, cheese, etc.

And at this point I’d like to take the opportunity to say guys, fat is GOOD. I remember reading a survey a few years ago done in the states where the majority of respondents stated that a diet with 0 fat was the healthiest. But we NEED fat just like we need salt, the problem isn’t with fat or salt themselves, just that too many get too much of it, too often.

So. Fat does not equal bad. Just needed to put that out there.

Looking forward, my March resolution was going to counseling. This service is offered free through my work (yeah social services!) and I am actually going to change this one, because I jumped the gun on this and have already been going since mid-January.

It felt very funny at first, going to sit in a stranger’s office to talk about yourself, especially since I didn’t have anything specific I wanted to discuss. But I’ve grown to really like my counselor and value the feedback he gives, it’s nice to have an objective third-party to shed light on patterns of behaviour and thought processes.

Nevertheless, it would feel cheap to count that as a March resolution when it’s already essentially done. So I’m bumping gardening (originally from May) up to March. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and garden prep and planting can start as early as mid-March in our area, BOOM!

First plan is wildflowers. I’m excited.