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Mouthbreathing Coma Patient

I’m late for the 24 week post (and it’s a big one too- 6 months!) and I also want to write about this weekend, as well as linking to a bunch of fantastic things I’ve read lately – the kind of writing that leaves you slow-clapping in front of your computer screen because the author has managed to succinctly put into words precisely what you’ve been trying to express, I don’t know, forever.

But despite wanting all of this, I want sleep more. Adam’s full-time employee is gone at the moment and I’ve been pulling a bit of double duty and have been helping him out a few hours a day as well as working at my own job, and this plus weekend guests plus a cold plus a maybe-return of morning sickness (Please believe me when I say that I am joining in your exclamations of “Say whaaaaaat?!”) and all of this equals a mild case of “I need to sleep for all the days” exhaustion.

So. All of the aforementioned posts are coming. Either that or more excuses, WHO KNOWS!

While I liberally coat my pillowcase with the happy drool of a mouthbreathing coma patient, would you just look at these two?


Adam and I got Gus together, have (for the most part) shared equally in his training, as well as the care and feeding of his beastly self, and anyone who has had the misfortune of being in earshot as we drone on ad nauseum about how cute he is would testify to the fact that we both love him an embarrassing amount- that much is clear.

But when you see pictures like this; when you see these two together, Gus is so undeniably a man’s dog. Specifically, this man’s dog.