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Adam just loves it when I do shit like this

A few weeks ago I created a Facebook page for Sweet Madeleine after getting over my initial bewilderment about why exactly I needed one, and lo and behold it is all kinds of exciting! People are liking things and sharing things and commenting on things – plus it’s a great way to post little tidbits here and there when I don’t have time to put together a whole post.

In the weeks since creating the page we have received 577 “Likes”, which is quite flabbergasting, really. But Facebook is not satistifed with a mere 577 likes. Every time I log in Facebook encourages me to “Reach my next milestone!” of 600 likes.

Guys, if I have learned anything in my thirty years on this planet, it is to never disobey Facebook. SO! Here I am, doing the bidding of a multi-billion dollar social media overlord like some sort of mindless automaton trying to reach my next milestone!

Nonetheless, if you  “Like” the Sweet Madeleine facebook page and we reach that MILESTONE 600 number, I will do a draw with the winner receiving a custom portrait by none other than this guy:


Oh, you didn’t know Adam was an artist, you say? Did you forget THIS masterpiece, circa the late nineties?

Draw me like one of your French girls.


Haven’t you always wanted to be depicted in a finely wrought pencil drawing with square boobs that go right up to your neck? And I mean the masterpiece above is from when Adam was seventeen years old – he’s thirty-three now and his skills have improved considerably! (probably!)

Anyway, clearly you don’t need convincing. Let your fingers do the walking liking, and we’ll see where we’re at on Friday.

Sweet Madeleine facebook page 

P.S. Adam is not yet aware that  he is providing a custom portrait service, so don’t say anything. The element of SURPRISE is crucial in the fine art of marital coercion.