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Conversations with my brother

Adam and Liam.

Adam and Liam, circa 2006 ish

Adam has been staying with my brother, Liam, and his wife, Kate, in Edmonton until we join him. Liam has had an intense (and recipriocal) bromance goin’ on with Adam since the first day they met.

This was a conversation I had with Liam the other day. I’m so glad we can bond over our mutual love/bewilderment of my husband.

Me: So, I have booked our moving truck, our flights, etc. but we still haven’t found a rental so we have no idea where we are going TO…Yikes. It will all work out….?

Liam: Yeah. We also have a basement, and you know Adam won’t have packed anything yet so you’ll be coming to our house regardless to pack up his stuff.

Me: Ha. whatever do you MEAN

Liam: He’s been nesting in there for three months now almost. Who knows what’s behind that door. He might be pregnant. Last night he put on my 3/4 length coat and then built a nest on the futon and crawled into it, coat and all. And stayed there.

Me:Whaaa? He does like nesting. He used to make nests in the U of L library all the time. I don’t know even what he was doing in there because he doesn’t know how to read.

Liam: Hahaha. Anyhow. It’s possible he’s woven the bed, his blanket, his dirty laundry and some of the furniture into one cohesive unit that will need to be purified with fire. Or carefully disassembled.

Me: You should really consider just drywalling over that room and pretending it never existed.