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Stefon is outraged


I’m going to shock you all by joining the legions of North Americans heaving a deep sigh of WTF at the news of Kim Kardashian filing for divorce after a whopping 72 days of marriage.

Look, I don’t know who these Kardashians are, we don’t have cable and so everything I know about them has been gleaned from celebrity gossip, (the one sister’s husband looks like a complete douche, two of them seem like simpletons but the tall one seems pretty hilarious).

Here’s my take:

I don’t care that she profited from  her sham-marriage (current calculations suggest that since she sold the rights to her wedding for $17.9 million she earned $10,358.80 per hour hour of marriage) because you can’t blame her for that one, BLAME YOURSELVES Amurica. The wedding wouldn’t sell if no one cared about this woman. She’s savvy (or has some savvy people working for her) who have managed to pull a PR miracle by transforming her from a random in a “leaked” sex tape to this demure reality-TV icon that is the idol of little girls everywhere. That’s pretty incredible.

Also, I’d definitely let People print my wedding pictures for 18 million, hell I’d probably let em go for  1 million – okay, OKAY $250,000! Have your people call my people (Adam) to finalize the deal. But seriously I post them here for FREE, so if someone was going to pay me to do the same thing who am I to judge?

The issue for me is what is the same one which is enraging many others, I think. Gay marriage is huge in the states right now, huge. And I can’t imagine how it feels to be someone (and there are millions of people in this situation) who has been in a committed relationship with their same-sex partner for DECADES, unable to wed, unable to obtain the same legal rights, and in some cases unable to visit their partners in the HOSPITAL because they aren’t technically deemed “family members”.

Imagine fighting against people who picket you and tell you you’re going to hell because of who you love, and living under a government who considers it their place to legislate what hole you can put it in and what jobs you are allowed to work if it’s not the right one and then sitting down with your cup of coffee this morning and reading about some reality tv bimbo who’s throwing away a marriage that has been outlived by some of my fridge-leftovers – I imagine the feeling of fuckery is a little bit out of control.

Aaaand with all of this goes the fact that her 18 million dollar wedding is money that could have been better spent feeding countless starving children or building wells or creating schools or really, on pretty much anything other than white roses and tulle.

So. We can’t blame these K-loving idiots -blame the millions of other idiots watching this spectacle and creating the demand that they are simply filling.

Good morning!

                          Now go cleanse your palate with a little Stefon