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All You Need Is Less

Lazy Sunday.

(Now featuring extra laziness because I’m pretty sure I have used that title before. Sigh.)

Hi, y’all! I am trying to figure out how to run my life – my blog life – and best manage the All You Need Is Less blog, and this one. I don’t really feel like maintaining two entirely separate ones – I mean, it kind of feels too complicated. I have to write twice, you have to follow twice and check twice. We’re all here already! Why reinvent the wheel? Plus what if something hilarious happens that has to do with the book and then I am stuck sitting here paralyzed with indecision, because I don’t know where to post it? What THEN?

On the other hand, I know that this book is sort of incidental to the blog. Many of you are probably here to read about Olive, or Adam, or Gus, and don’t particularly care about eco-friendly stuff, or what strange kitchen ingredient I use to polish my stainless steel. And that’s ok! I know it can be annoying when a blogger gets something goin’ on the side and then suddenly the blog you know and love – and the blog that afforded them this awesome opportunity in the first place – totally changes and you feel sad inside and like you just lost a best friend to their lame new boyfriend.

No? Just me?

Well. Regardless, things are ramping up with my book being released in under a month- EEEEP! I am planning on doing a few giveaways, starting some heavier promotion, etc. and I’m wondering what you want to see. Do I keep the book blog for reference, the tour schedule, media stuff etc. and keep the fun stuff here? Do I separate the two entirely? Do I create some sort of complicated Venn diagram situation? Do I set the whole thing on fire?

Seriously this is a BIG DEAL. Think about it. Then do my fancy poll.

And NO, this whole post is not just because I’ve been messing around in my site and discovered poll functionality and then fell in love with this badass skull and crossbones background and needed to find a way to use it. How dare you. Now vote please. or be annoyed with me forever.