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Abeego: Grow the hive!

This isn’t a real post, or even a sponsored post, it’s just a quick little post to plug a product I’m crazy about and an independent artisan I really love to support.

Toni Desrosiers and her husband Colin have developed a natural product called Abeego that replaces plastic wrap, ziploc bags, and even some tupperware containers. FOR REALS.

Abeego is a hemp/cotton cloth infused with beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil. It is flexible and conforms to the shape of whatever you’re wrapping, which means it can be used to keep cheese fresh, and seal up cut veggies, or to cover open bowls like you would with plastic wrap.

Plus, in addition to nixing the need for all that plastic wrap you keep buying and throwing out over and over again, um, it’s adorable. Look


I found Abeego a few years ago at a Farmer’s Market when I was visiting my mom in Victoria, BC., and obviously I was instantly head over heels for these retro-chic little beeswax beauties.

They are made locally (Toni is based out of Victoria, BC) , completely natural, help to kick plastic out of kitchen drawers, and they leave no waste behind because Abeego is fully compostable, so after you use it three hundred and eleventy million times you can just lay it gently in your compost bin to go back from whence it came.

I featured Abeego in my book, and around here we have used it for so long that it’s old (but still cool) news. So why am I now pushing Abeego on my blog? Because Toni was been nominated for the BC Young Entrepreneur’s award and is currently sitting in fourth place. FOURTH! For a lady who replaced plastic wrap! Ain’t nobody got time for that, Toni needs to WIN.

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I am always so excited to see how unbelievably creative people can be – people who actually do something to fix a problem instead of simply accepting the status quo.

Toni is an incredible entrepreneur working to make the world a better, plastic-free place – give her a vote and let’s bump her to #1!