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31 weeks


31 Weeks


31 Weeks was emotional, for many reasons. C-section news, my grandmother dying, my anniversary – it all seemed to glom together in a swirling mass as I sat there trying to tease apart what, exactly, I was feeling. 

I feel as though I’m now starting to get back onto an even keel, back to normal (well, a new normal) and continue forward.

I had my magnesium IV yesterday, which is something I’d been looking forward to for a while. It was lovely, I went to the hospital at 8am and sat there for 5 hours while they pumped me full of delicious, delicious electrolytes. I napped, read, they even served me lunch! It felt like a spa!

I don’t know that I feel any immediate effects yet, but I’m hoping it will lessen some of the fatigue I’ve been feeling lately.

I keep waiting for pregnancy to get unbearable, I’ve always heard such horror stories about discomfort and pain and how the further along you get, the harder it is. So far (why, why do I insist on tempting the pregnancy gods? Pregnancy Gods! Please don’t smite me for this next sentence!), so far I feel good, really good!

True, I can’t see my lady parts any more, but I can still touch my toes and bend over fairly easily  (although I do have to sit down to do up my shoes). I’m out of breath constantly but Adam tells me that huffing and puffing after I climb the four stairs to our house is irresistibly attractive – and who am I to argue with that?

I’m still sleeping well, getting up to pee probably 4-5 times a night but I don’t usually have trouble falling back asleep afterwards and seriously, how crazy do you have to be as a pregnant lady to complain about lack of sleep? That’s just begging for some insane,genuinely-sleep-deprived new mom to come rampaging around the corner to punch you in the throat. And you would deserve it!

As long as I’m getting 8+ hours of sleep a night without being woken up by a tiny creature screaming and/or covered in feces, you won’t hear a PEEP about my sleep “problems”.

At my midwife appointment I got instructions for the precautions I would have to take with my placenta previa. “Don’t lift anything over 10 lbs” she said, “And don’t over-exert yourself in any way.”

Internets, I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life to hear those words.

“Take it easy Madeleine! Oh let me get that for you Madeleine! You just sit there Madeleine, I’ll do the dishes/laundry/vacuuming/foot rubbing.”

Man, maybe this thing isn’t so bad after all!

We meet with an OB on Thursday to discuss the c-section and possibly get a date too (by the way, SO weird to think that some stranger is going to arbitrarily choose our child’s birthday. Even weirder to think that in a week we’ll know our child’s birthday!). This is also the appointment where I unfurl my hippie flag and hold it high as I push for as many “natural” procedures as possible.

Things like delayed cord clamping and non-dominant hand IV insertions and skin-to-skin contact directly after birth and Ryan Gosling cutting the cord.

You know, the uje.


Next week I will be 8 months pregnant. In 6.5 weeks at the latest, Demon Baby will be sprung from my loins and here, in this world, ready to meet us and all of you.


Still left to be completed on our baby to-do list is: Actually not that much!

We have all of the basics, crib, clothing, diapers, car seat. One of the big things left to address is the issue of our car. We have a Mazda 3 which I love, it has always been amazing and we’ve never had any major issues with it.

But it’s also been the car we use to truck Gus around in. (And by “truck Gus around in” I mean “squeeze into the backseat and allow to cover every available surface with thick swathes of drool and sharp barbs of fur that neverevercomeouteverevernomatterhowmuchyouvacuum.”) 

That car has been my deepest shame for years, YEARS. Letting people ride in the backseat always comes with a fifteen minute apology/disclaimer-fest about how “We have a giant dog and I’m so so so sorry, I did my best to vacuum it but it still looks like this so please just keep your eyes to the front and oh my GOD you’re wearing black pants,why are you wearing black pants?! Well you might as well just walk. Or take them off. Yes, no please go ahead and take them off it’s better for everyone, here I’ll hold them, Adam avert your eyes.”

So. We were going to buy a new car, and then had Marital World War III about what kind of car to get (Me: Volvo/VW Station Wagon with leather seats. Adam: blah blah man-truck blah V6-engine blah 4-wheel drive blah blah beer blah.  I don’t know. his idea was stupid and I had already vetoed it so I wasn’t listening).

We did the reasonable thing to do when faced with this sort of impasse, we made no decision at all. Since our car is paid off, we’re just going to keep it and I have no idea what we will do if we ever need to take Baby G and Gus somewhere at the same time (and by “ever”, I mean at Christmas. Approximately 4 months from now. Hahahahahahah! DENIAL! Hahahahahah!)

Anyway, now that we’re keeping the car it needs the windshield replaced and new tires and most of all, most EXCITING of all, it needs to be detailed. This will most likely cost a kajillion dollars but it will be worth every penny because oh my GOD a clean car! I can’t wait.

31.5 Weeks y’all. I hope we can hang in there, I have NO DOUBT we can hang in there, for 6.5 more.