Almost two weeks ago, Olive turned five.

I didn’t write much about it then, and I told myself it was because I was so busy with her birthday party and her family dinner and the excitement and preparation and post-party exhaustion that came with both.

That was partially true – I love birthdays, and I love making hers special, so I am usually completely pooped by the time it’s all over – but I also just really didn’t know how to write about it without leaning heavily on cliches, or composing a post that was just a single long exhale and a slowly whispered, “Five?!”.

So much of this seems beyond the realm of possibility.

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All You Need Is Less

Autumn is the new spring

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Spring is traditionally associated with frenetic cleaning, de-cluttering, and organizing, but I would like to blow your ever-loving mind by taking five minutes to propose that fall is actually a far better time to do so.

Here’s why:
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Maiden, Mother, Crone

A few months ago I had an existential crisis while sitting in a hairdressers chair.


I went in all light and breezy, filled with that desire you get in the summertime to change things up. I came out three hours later less a few inches of hair, plus a balayage situation, and filled with crushing questions about how I’m choosing to live my life.

Seems about right, doesn’t it?

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Live, Learn, Give, Sustain

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I don’t know if I believe in serendipity, but I do believe in keeping an open mind, being aware of opportunities, and above all, having the curiosity and courage to walk through the strange and sometimes unexpected doors that life opens to you.

Luck’s an iffy thing to put your faith in, so I don’t – instead, I’ve tried to work hard and pursue my passions, even though they sometimes seem like they aren’t leading anywhere productive at first (but that’s OK, productivity is overrated anyway).

Nonetheless, sometimes events happen in life that really do seem like luck. Or even serendipity.

My most recent serendipitous event began with a simple email.

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