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3 Things to Remember If You’re Eco-friendly & Your Spouse Isn’t

“I’m eco-friendly. My spouse isn’t. How do I convince them to change? Are their actions canceling out my own?”

That was the crux of a question posted by Pete on the Sweet Madeleine Facebook page.  Today I took a few minutes to make a video answering his question, featuring wind blown hair, double chins, and even a surprise appearance by a mischievous puppy.

I’ll summarise the key points after the jump for any video-averse folks out there.

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Friday Night Roundup 06/10-06/30

Friday Night Roundup - SweetMadeleine,ca

Here are my published posts from 06/10-06/30. Why am I three weeks late? Reasons, okay? Reasons.


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A Day In the Life

I’ve been meaning to write this post for weeks (OK fine, months) and the fact that I haven’t had time to do so yet is kind of perfect, actually. It’s fitting that the only time I’ve had time to write about our life is when a big piece of it is missing. Olive’s at her dad’s and I finally have some silence. Some space and room to think.

Each time I thought of sitting down to write this post I’d remember eight other articles that had to be completed first and on the rare occasions when my writing slate was clear I’d sit here and wonder what the hell a typical day in our life even looks like these days.

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Home & DIY Projects

My Easy-Peasy Family Yearbook System

My Easy Peasy Family Yearbook System - I’m a big fan of systems. This might be amusing to the system extremists I know who view my life like it’s a never-ending hailstorm of benign chaos (Lane, Liam – I’m looking at you) but do find that everything in life gets ten times easier when there’s a set process for getting it done.

It’s far easier to keep your home clean when there’s room in your closet for all of your clean clothes, a hamper for your dirty clothes, places for coats to be hung up and toys to be put away.

It’s not just tidying, but general organization, too. Every year after I file my taxes I make a new file in my filing cabinet for the current year. As I get receipts, notices of assessments and other relevant tax documents, they go into the file. Come tax time, I don’t have to go hunting around for all of my paperwork, it’s all there ready to go.

I have a similar system for our family yearbooks, and when I mentioned it on Instagram a few days ago it was suggested that I do a quick blog post about it. This is that post!
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