Skoki Part 1: I’m fucked, aren’t I?

The other day, Olive asked me if I could run.

She wasn’t asking me to run, mind you. She was asking if I was physically capable of running because, presumably, she’s never seen it.

It’s true that I’m not often found running and jumping and engaging in strenuous activity or competitive sports. Or even mild activity and recreational sports, if we’re being honest. I’ve never been super athletic and my kidney condition means that I’m always hovering on the edge of fatigue just from daily activities. It’s one of the reasons I love yoga so much, it’s a way to stay in shape and maintain some sort of muscle tone without having to sweat buckets of precious electrolytes. But, of course, Olive doesn’t see me in yoga class and while I’m sure I have run in her presence, it’s obviously happened rarely enough that she doesn’t remember it.

I’m sharing this anecdote with you for two reasons. First, to add yet another example of Olive’s trolling skills to the already-long list. And second, so that you will have some context for the following story.

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Friday Night Roundup 04/01-04/07

Friday Night Roundup - SweetMadeleine,ca

I can’t believe I’m actually posting it on Friday this time! Truly a miraculous occasion!

Here are my published posts from 04/01 to 04/07. Enjoy!

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Home & DIY Projects

Movin’ on up

Moving on up -

Very much a work in progress. The teddy bear and bowl of cheerios says it all.

I don’t think I’ve stopped smiling since we moved in. I am in love with this house. And the things that make me happiest are things I took totally for granted when I had them. It’s funny how luxurious the little things seem when you’ve lived without them for so long. I’ve noticed this holds true for Olive, as well as for me.

Case in point, every time I open the dishwasher I feel like I’ve won the motherf*cking lottery.

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Moving (With Frogbox!)

A month or so before Christmas, I made the decision to move. I loved our little suite so close to my sister but it was a 1-bedroom and after being there for almost two years I felt like we’d outgrown it and needed our own space (okay, I  needed my own space. Olive says she wants to live with me forever.)

I took my time when looking for a new house – I wanted to find something perfect. Something I could live in for a long time. My list of requirements were modest, but I wasn’t willing to compromise on any of them. Our new home had to have:

  • Two bedrooms
  • A dishwasher
  • A bathtub
  • No carpet
  • And be walking distance to an elementary school (eeeeeep)

Long story short, we found it!

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