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Squirrels, Snakes, and A Cat Named El Chapo

Squirrels, Snakes, and a Cat Named El Chapo -

Squirrel Art Print Watercolour Painting by Water In My Paint on Etsy

A few weeks ago I told Olive that she could keep a squirrel as a pet. I promise it’s not as crazy as it sounds (although certain family members would vocally disagree with that last statement).

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Does Norwex Work?

Does Norwex work?

A good friend of mine, Audrey, recently became a Norwex consultant.  I’ll be honest in saying that I had no idea what Norwex was. I’d heard of it in passing before and I was fairly sure that it was something to do with cleaning so I’d always tuned out when people talked about it – I’ve got my DIY cleaning products on lockdown and I love them, why change now?

Anyway, when Audrey asked if I wanted to try out some Norwex products I had to quickly google them to see what, exactly, those products were, and I was actually kind of surprised.

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Friday Night Roundup 05/05-05/12

Friday Night Roundup - SweetMadeleine,ca

Here are my published posts from 05/06 to 05/12. Enjoy!

Crowdfunded Company Launches Site to Help Eco Non-Profits

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Wonder Woman Is Endorsing a Diet Product – And We’re Not OK With It
OITNB’s New Season 5 Trailer Gets Political & Induces Goosebumps
Bow Wow Gets Busted Big Time in an Instagram Lie

The Fresh, Friendly, and Colorful Story of TomatoInk




Friday Night Roundup 04/29-05/05

Friday Night Roundup - SweetMadeleine,ca

Here are my published posts from 04/29 to 05/05. Enjoy!


Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest’s Co-Hosting Future According to Their Zodiac Signs
Justin Bieber’s Tour Rider Has Leaked, and There’s Just So Much To Say

The Fresh, Friendly, Colorful Story of TomatoInk

Setting the Record Straight: How to Grow an Inventory-Based Subscription Business
Smooth Sailing: How a Ship Surveyor Successfully Navigated the World of Entrepreneurship

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I dream it, I work hard, I grind till I own it

Pssst! If you’re new here at SweetMadeleine, this post (like most posts, if I’m being honest) does contain a few four-letter words. I’m sorry/You’re welcome/You’ve been warned 🙂

I Slay All Day print by Simple Element on Etsy

One my of favourite gossip columnists (Elaine Lui of LaineyGossip), often talks about something she calls “showing your work”. It’s shorthand for needing to be up front about the work we put into our achievements instead of diminishing them, demurring, and acting like it wasn’t hard. Pretending it wasn’t work.

This post is me doing that.

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