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Space Tapes

This is a long overdue update. Welcome to 2018, y’all!

I’m providing the song(s, it’s kind of a 3-in-1 deal) below as a sort of soundtrack for this post. give it time if you don’t like it right away  – it’s a good one. Promise.

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Olive’s 2017 Christmas Book

I try to keep Christmas in our house fairly low-key in terms of gifts – well, as much as is possible, given the whole focus of the holiday! Olive gets one gift from Santa plus the little things in her stocking, and I give her one gift as well. She has about a million aunts and uncles and I often try to coordinate experience gifts with them (Science centre passes, days out, helping with the cost of extra-curricular activities, etc), but there’s never any shortage of gifts to open. Despite this, I have a few gift-related traditions I try to keep up each year.

First, she gets a new tree ornament each year – this year it’s this adorable handmade one from Etsy that I personalized to celebrate her hard work in Taekwondo  – and second, I get her a book.

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Tell them they really ought to meet your mother

They really should eet your mother -

Poetry has made its way back into my life in a big way lately. I’ve always admired the precision of a few carefully chosen words and the way a single sentence can shock you into silence with its perfect composition. 

So – happy Sunday. One of my favourite poems for my daughter and the full text written out afterwards.

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What even is this?

Oh hey there, I’m just popping in with a very quick post to say that I may have drastically underestimated how adept Olive is at trolling me and/or I am killing it with this whole parenting thing.

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