Motherhood, Olive

Tell them they really ought to meet your mother

They really should eet your mother -

Poetry has made its way back into my life in a big way lately. I’ve always admired the precision of a few carefully chosen words and the way a single sentence can shock you into silence with its perfect composition. 

So – happy Sunday. One of my favourite poems for my daughter and the full text written out afterwards.

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Motherhood, Olive

What even is this?

Oh hey there, I’m just popping in with a very quick post to say that I may have drastically underestimated how adept Olive is at trolling me and/or I am killing it with this whole parenting thing.

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Almost two weeks ago, Olive turned five.

I didn’t write much about it then, and I told myself it was because I was so busy with her birthday party and her family dinner and the excitement and preparation and post-party exhaustion that came with both.

That was partially true – I love birthdays, and I love making hers special, so I am usually completely pooped by the time it’s all over – but I also just really didn’t know how to write about it without leaning heavily on cliches, or composing a post that was just a single long exhale and a slowly whispered, “Five?!”.

So much of this seems beyond the realm of possibility.

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All You Need Is Less

Autumn is the new spring

Happy Fall Print by PaperCanoe Printables on Etsy

Spring is traditionally associated with frenetic cleaning, de-cluttering, and organizing, but I would like to blow your ever-loving mind by taking five minutes to propose that fall is actually a far better time to do so.

Here’s why:
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