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Internets, we made it. We drove to Edmonton with a one year old and we didn’t drive off a cliff or strangle each other or go deaf from the ear shattering shrieks emitting from the backseat.

We had planned to stay overnight with my sister in Vancouver, then leave early in the morning and truck all the way to Edmonton, but as we got off the ferry Adam looked at me and said, “I think I can do it. I’m in the zone.”

In his eyes was a gleam, a steely sort of determination that I had seen a few times before, and I knew that resistance was futile.

So, we did it!

Pros: Olive slept the entire time, except the hour before we got to our friends house, and that hour was like eighteen hours, that poor girl was so OVER the car seat and I don’t blame her one bit.

Cons: um… We drove OVERNIGHT. With the driving at night and the heavy eyes and the quick one hour roadside naps with semis rolling past every two minutes. I don’t think we’d repeat this situation, not for us.

We are staying with friends with a two and a half year old and a six month old, and Olive is in heaven with so much entertainment.

<img src=""
alt=”20131011-121013.jpg” class=”alignnone size-full” />

The day after we got here she came down with a fever and it was terrifying. We have been really lucky and she’s never been sick before so to see her so uncomfortable and hot, with skin on fire and rosy cheeks, to tired to even shriek at full volume, it was scary.

I think she’s recovered, although her sleeping is still erratic, with some nights up till midnight squealing with delight and some days (like today lord help me) she’s up at 6:30am. These babies are running the place.

Saturday we leave Livvie at my brothers for our friends’ wedding, and I get to dress like a real person in high heels and makeup and eat dinner at a real table with BOTH HANDS. I might never go back! This is a big deal for someone who’s major accomplishment most days is getting dressed and going to tie grocery store.

(P.S. I may have gotten Olive a coat that bears a striking resemblance to my own. I…I don’t know what to say about this disturbing trend. It’s out of control and I need to stop [I can’t stop])



If you look to your left…

I think we are well overdue for a site orientation, considering we moved into our new digs in June. Step aboard, kittens, for the free tour!

If you look above you, you will find the header boldy declaring “Sweet Madeleine” (the reason for the site name is explained here).

Beneath the name, are three (soon to be four…stay tuned! OMG!) directory pages. One says “Home” and that brings you back to the main page. One takes you to a page all about me, featuring a ridiculously glamorous photo of yours truly. And the final page, called “Pregnancy” lists all of my weekly update posts during my pregnancy with O.

On your right we have the sidebar, full of delicious goodies. First there is my favorite picture of me ever, because people like to be able to picture who is spouting the nonsense they are reading.

(I don’t know why either, but one of the first things I do when reading a book by a new author is flip to the back jacket to study the photo. Sometimes it ruins it for me, because they are blonde when they really should be a moody brunette. Anyway, I digress.)

Underneath my smiling visage is a tiny box, and within that box you can search for things, ANYTHINGS! Just type in words like “sex attic”, or “smoky eyes”, or “hyena bet” and see what happens! Or you can use the box to find all of the posts about Adam, Gus, or Olive. Or me. You know, if you wanted to or whatever.

Beneath the search bar you will find a button that allows you to subscribe to my posts by email, meaning you never have to actually visit my site and if you have already done this and are reading this post in your email then all of this is a bit redundant and meaningless unless you click HERE and then you can see it all! Everything! Welcome!

Under the subscribe option are the site’s most read posts and I always find it fascinating to see what ends up here, ¬†and I am secretly overjoyed that my glamour photos made the top five!

Aaaand then we have a list of the five most recent comments, which you can read by clicking the pink title name and scrolling down; followed by a list of posts archived by month.

Speaking of comments, each post has a little speech bubble at the top right. That is what you click if you want to make a comment, and the number shown indicates the number of comments already made.

Does that make sense? Was this completely unnecessary? I mean, I just want you to feel welcome. This is like you coming to sleep over and me showing you where the bathroom is, and leaving the kitchen light on for you so you don’t stub your toe. Don’t worry if you feel hot breath on the back of your neck in the middle of the night, it’s probably just Gus.

Or Adam.

(Probably Adam.)

Anyway, here we are! Welcome! (and sorry it took so long to show you around!)


Men of the world, let me help you

This seems to be a near-universal subject of bewilderment:

DRESS: A garment, typically worn by women, that covers both the upper and lower halves of the torso.

SKIRT: A garment, typically worn by women, that covers only the LOWER half of the torso.

You’re welcome.



We are here! Here on the shores of Pigeon Lake, Ontario where I spent every summer growing up.

Olive has finally met her Great-Granddaddy and he’s given her a little stuffed tiger from his alma mater, Princeton, and they both seem quite pleased with the whole thing.

She has been down to the dock and we’ve measured her on the wall that we were all measured on as kids- the progression of Maddies (22 months old and 4 years old and 7 years old and onwards until 21) stretching up up up over her dandelion hair. She’s almost as tall as my brother Liam was at 14 months, my girl is going to be a beautiful amazon.


My grandma is not here. It is so painfully clear that she is no longer here, although it’s impossible not to see her in the untouched bottle of gin in the liquor cabinet, the porcelain cow gravy boat, the hairbrushes on the bathroom counter still entwined with silver hair.

Posting might be light for a bit as I just have my phone, and this tap-tap-tapping gets a little old. Pictures though, no shortage of those.