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Come back slowwwww…

Remember how a few weeks ago I was all, “Ohhh, I’m in Mexico! In Mexico I do yoga every morning!” and 80-90% of you were probably like, “Oh, shut the hell up, Madeleine“.

Remember that?

Well, not only did that turn out to be a LIE, because I did it the first few mornings and then realized that getting up to do yoga while on vacation was for chumps, but also because my yoga class in Mexico was unlike any yoga class I have ever done, ever.

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And now….


You know how sometimes you walk around all day thinking about something you need to do, but despite thinking about it literally thirteen hundred times it never actually gets done?

This thing is the first thought to pop into your head in the morning, and you say to yourself “I must do that thing today!” Then as you wash your hair you remind yourself to do it right after breakfast. In between playground visits and loads of laundry and writing and bill paying it keeps popping into your head but you finish the task you’re on and then something else commands your attention and then suddenly it’s midnight and you are like “Fuck. I definitely did not do that thing I was going to do”

My blog has been that thing. For like a week. HA! Terrible.

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Gracias por todo


When you lead a deliberately small and measured life, there is a certain pleasure to be had in the novelty of temporary excess.

How sweet then for this week, to wholeheartedly embrace too much.

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The other night my friend Audrey and I were discussing my impending trip, and after I hung up I couldn’t stop laughing. Oh god, how things have changed.

Before having a child I would have been looking forward to the white sand beaches, endless ocean swims, the buffets, the drinks. I would be reading up on the locale, the activities, shopping for my travel wardrobe.

Now? Now the highlights look like this:

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Poquito mas

{on the border}

In a little over three weeks I leave for Mexico. The thought of this trip – sun! sand! time to finish a book and just sit places and forget about all this shitty shit!- has been a huge help in getting me through the past months. If you too need help to single-parent your way through a prairie winter while divorcing, I give an approaching trip to Mexico trip 4/5 stars for efficacy.

It would be 5/5, but sunburns. Sunburns  and the fact that the reason I am going is to attend a wedding.  Also, the last time I was in Mexico was during my honeymoon almost six years ago. So there’s that!  Ha! Hahahaha!

Oh god, it’s so ironic. Alanis, where are you?

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