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Home & DIY Projects

Hot mess, 2015 edition

For months now I’ve had a hankering to do something with my hair. Initially in early spring, I wanted to go red – RED! Red like my all-time favourite girl-crush (and lookalike?) Emma Stone. Something like this:

Hot mess -

Hot, right? But I thought about the decision a great deal – as I do about every decision, large and small – and I realised two things. One, the desire for red maaaay be a breakup hair decision. You know about those, right? When you get out of a relationship and all of a sudden you’re FREE and because you’re FREE you decide it’s time to debut that pixie cut you’ve always wanted? Yeah, I think this was one of those.

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Home & DIY Projects

The Digs

I’ve always loved it when people do house tours – I love being able to suss out aspects of a person’s personality by seeing fragments of their home, and, logistically speaking it’s waaaay easier than skulking around at night peering in windows.

(Not that I do that.)

I’ve meant to do this since we moved into this little place, and each time I was ready to do it I would grab my camera (by which I mean my phone) and then it would be like, “Oh! My floor is covered in blueberries! Fantastic!”

But over the span of a week I managed to cobble together enough photos that you can get a sense of this space…Behold! Our home, in bits and pieces. These are the views that make me smile.

The Digs-

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Eco-Friendly Living, Home & DIY Projects

Creating An Eco-Friendly Easter

Creating An Eco-Friendly Easter -

Last year I was really struggling with how to celebrate Easter while also maintaining my status as an evil, plastic-hating, sugar-denying shrew of a mother. This kind of malevolence doesn’t just happen, you know. It’s carefully planned and cultivated. Deprivation like this takes work, dammit.

Eventually my family saved me, and I wrote about the sustainable easter-egg tradition we came up with because I was so in love with it. It turns out you were too, and so many of you mentioned wanting to do it for your kids next Easter that I thought I would post it again as we approach April, in case you’d forgotten.

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Eco-Friendly Living, Recipes

3-ingredient homemade body lotion


3-ingredient homemade body lotion -

I’ve had a few people request this recipe over the past few weeks, and I’ll be talking about it on my upcoming Pure Green Magazine podcast, so I thought I’d publish it again here where people can find it!

It’s dead-simple, natural, and an absolutely delicious replacement for store-bought lotions. My skin has never felt smoother, and it uses just three ingredients! So, let’s cut the jibber-jabber and get down to business.

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I’m an ADULT

Olive has passed her plague on to me, and my god. When she was getting sick I thought she was being pretty damn unreasonable at times, but now that I am the sick one I can truthfully say that what I originally interpreted as her being a grouchy jerk was actually her handling it like a total champ. Far better than I have been, at least. My whining is at least twice as loud.

Right now, if someone interrupted my tantrum to tell me to take a deep breath and use my manners, I think I would high-kick them right in the face.

Zero hesitation.

What I am trying to say is, well played, Olive. Well played.

Anyway, let’s get to the point so I can drug myself to sleep. Earlier in the week I shared some hippie home remedies that I was using to help nurse her through this bastard illness, and now I would like to share a few additional things that have been helping me.

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