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My Easy-Peasy Family Yearbook System

My Easy Peasy Family Yearbook System - I’m a big fan of systems. This might be amusing to the system extremists I know who view my life like it’s a never-ending hailstorm of benign chaos (Liam – I’m looking at you) but do find that everything in life gets ten times easier when there’s a set process for getting it done.

It’s far easier to keep your home clean when there’s room in your closet for all of your clean clothes, a hamper for your dirty clothes, places for coats to be hung up and toys to be put away.

It’s not just tidying, but general organization, too. Every year, after I file my taxes, I make a new file in my filing cabinet for the current year. As I get receipts, notices of assessments and other relevant tax documents, they go into the file. Come tax time, I don’t have to go hunting around for all of my paperwork, it’s all there ready to go.

I have a similar system for our family yearbooks, and when I mentioned it on Instagram a few days ago it was suggested that I do a quick blog post about it. This is that post!
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