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Natural Skin and Body Care 101

It’s been ages since I wrote about what’s filling my medicine cabinet and my makeup bag so I thought I’d do a giant post summarizing the products I’m using these days.

When you’re trying to make the switch to natural products, knowing what to buy and where to buy it is often the hardest part. Hopefully, this post will make things a bit easier!

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Natural Living

Call off the search

For more than five years now I’ve been really conscious about what I buy. I rarely go shopping,  and when I do,  I try to shop secondhand as much as possible. I no longer buy something just because it’s cute or on sale,  I have to love it and how it was made.

The end result of this campaign of austerity is that I don’t own much,  but what I do own,  I love.

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Night at the museum

January, despite the initial thrill of it being a new year! and the excitement of tackling all those bright and shiny resolutions!, can devolve quite quickly into a dreary, blah sort of month, especially when contrasted to the glitz and glam of December.

Thus, for me, January has typically been a puttering sort of month. I get rid of excess clothes, toys, and clutter. I write thank you notes. I rearrange furniture and pack away Christmas. It’s a month of preparing, laying the way for the rest of the year to come.

Buuut early on this week, it hit. The doldrums. I was bored, my hair felt frumpy, and I felt itchy – both literally and figuratively. The dry weather was sucking every last ounce of moisture from my skin and I just wanted to do something. So I did!

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Green House Series Week 8: The Laundry Room

Sweet Madeleine's Green House Week 8: The Laundry Room


I purposefully saved this one for toward the end of the series because I LOVE the changes that natural living has made to my laundry routine.

(Guys, I am well aware that this is possibly the lamest sentence I have ever typed on this blog. I AM AWARE.)

But still. Making my own laundry detergent was my first foray into this strange world and I still remember vividly making that first batch and then examining my clothes out of the washer – looking at them, smelling them..and realizing that it WORKED!

I felt like a goddamn wizard!

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All You Need Is Less, Eco-Friendly Living, Natural Living

Green House Week 7: Ladies Room

Green House Week7: The Ladies Room -

Alright, dudes. I’m an equal opportunity blogger and you are more than welcome to stick around for this, but we will be talking about some lady business today. Personally, I think men should be okay with the fact that women  – virtually all womenhave periods. I mean, is not being OK with it really an option? It happens. Every month. Soooooo, let’s just get over the ick factor, yes?

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