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All You Need Is Less, Eco-Friendly Living

Guilt Free & Green

One of the best things I’ve experienced since my book was published and I began writing my Guardian column is the way this community of environmental activists, authors, bloggers, and experts come together to enlighten, teach, and support each other.

Blogger, author, TED-talker and internationally renowned zero waste activist Bea Johnson wrote a review for my book, despite the fact that I was a total nobody from Canada she’d never met. Author and environmentalist Billee Sharp wrote the foreword for my book, because she fundamentally believed in the message I was spreading and the way I was doing it. They both lent their support and her name to my book and I was incredibly grateful that they did.

I was recently approached by a publisher who asked me to do for another writer what Billee and Bea did for me two years ago. I am so happy to be sharing it with you now!

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All You Need Is Less, Eco-Friendly Living

The ugly truth about fast fashion

Lately, I’ve found myself talking a lot about fast fashion – the cheaply made clothing that looks great on the rack, costs less than a meal out, and unfortunately often lasts less than a few seasons.

I touched on the subject in my book, recently wrote this article for Earth911 about H&M’s clothing recycling initiative, and last week I was interview by a Canadian news network called CBC to get my take on the issue, and why it can be problematic to rely on corporations to guide our environmental decisions.


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Ms. Somerville


I’ve been a big fan of the internet for more almost two decades now. Ever since I can remember I’ve been absolutely blown away by the sheer volume of information it contains – even in its earliest days.

I was an early adopter of blogs, too – I had a GeoCities page back in the day, complete with sparkling jellybean background and gif overloads. Over the years I transitioned first to Blogger, then Tumblr, then WordPress, then the self-hosted site you’re reading now. I enthusiastically embraced Facebook and Twitter and Instagram as they emerged onto the scene.

Although I’m quite social and outgoing, too much social interaction drains me. I need to recharge by retreating and having a few days to myself. As I grew up and realized this about myself, online interaction became a way to continue communicating and interacting during these down times without getting that overwhelmed “too much” feeling. It also became an amazing tool for a fledgling writer who desperately craved an outlet (and an audience) for all her dramatic prose and overwrought poetry.

The poetry has gone (thank god) but the blogging has remained, and since September I’ve been fortunate enough to share my words on a larger platform via my column at The Guardian.

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Boo! - Why i'm a mean mom on Halloween

If you’re not a parent you might not be aware that there is a debate being waged lately around -of all topics- Halloween candy.

There seems to be two distinct camps, one favours a candy-less Halloween, using approaches like the Switch Witch, who comes to visit children’s homes after trick or treating and takes their candy in exchange for a gift (or something? I am not up to date on the entire Switch Witch mythology, for me it falls into the same bewildering category of parenting as the Elf on the Shelf) .

The other camp is made up of parents imploring the candy police to just back off and let their kids have some fun. It’s one night! Who cares!

I think I fall somewhere in the middle on this great, and vastly important, debate. OK, maybe a little more toward the first camp.
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All You Need Is Less, Eco-Friendly Living, Natural Living

Green House Series Week 8: The Laundry Room

Sweet Madeleine's Green House Week 8: The Laundry Room


I purposefully saved this one for toward the end of the series because I LOVE the changes that natural living has made to my laundry routine.

(Guys, I am well aware that this is possibly the lamest sentence I have ever typed on this blog. I AM AWARE.)

But still. Making my own laundry detergent was my first foray into this strange world and I still remember vividly making that first batch and then examining my clothes out of the washer – looking at them, smelling them..and realizing that it WORKED!

I felt like a goddamn wizard!

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