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My little sister Hilary (now almost twenty-nine, so I suppose not so little anymore) has always been swimming in creativity. From how she dresses, to the direction she steers her life, Hilly exudes warmth and light and charisma in spades.

Within the past year, she’s channelled this energy into spoken word poetry. First independently, then joining the Victoria Slam Poets team, and THEN qualifying for a national slam-poetry competition, like she’s some badass, spoken-word version of Glee.

The team – she and three other women brimming with strength and sass and courage and vulnerability – are headed to Guelph to perform in just a few days. They’re fundraising for the cost of their journey, and if you are a fan of supporting innovative art, stunning beauty, and the power of the spoken word, she and her team would be so grateful for your support!

Here’s Hilary, performing at a fundraising event I was fortunate enough to attend in person this summer. She performed three pieces and I may have cried a little bit at each one and definitely clapped embarrassingly loud when she was done.

Hilary – Victoria Slam Poets from MadeleineSix on Vimeo.

Please click here to donate to her fundraiser!

And if you’re in or around Guelph, check out the Canadian Festival of the Spoken Word, running Oct 28-Nov 3! Ticket info here. If Hilary and her teammates are any indication, the performances are going to be absolutely unreal.

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  • Reply Bernard Walter October 23, 2018 at 7:52 PM

    Wow! Congratulations to Hilary!

  • Reply Sarah October 24, 2018 at 2:22 AM

    Amazing.. Wow! I love this more than I can say.. I’m inspired and in awe!!


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