Tunes for This Tuesday

It’s cold here. The mornings are drenched in icy mist and the sky’s been constantly overcast. It’s all very cosy and thoughtful, perfect weather for soup, writing, and music.

This is what I’ve been playing lately, a combination of strange music and soft music and the lovely sort of music that helps me drift off into my own thoughts. It’s a fantastic soundtrack for moving into this new season.

If you have any songs to add, share them in the comments! I’d love to add to the playlist ūüôā


I feel like this woman sings exactly like I do – slightly out of range, slightly off-kilter – but somehow she manages to make it sound fantastic, instead of like horrific caterwauling. I’m bewildered. And intrigued. And envious? Many feelings here, folks.

Also, her style reminds me of my baby sister.


This next one isn’t quite a song –¬† it was described as a “piano doodle”. It was sent to me by a friend a while ago and while I haven’t¬†exactly asked for permission to post it, I thought it’d be ok.

It’s such a lovely, contemplative piece of music, and I’m such a sucker for a good piano.


Fall and winter always seem like such witchy seasons to me. Candles and sage. Something about being indoors more leads to introspection, and introspection means tarot cards and spell books.

(LOL kidding guys, I don’t believe in spells and I don’t have a spell book.)


(Seriously, though. If you know of a good spell book, let me know.)


More piano, gorgeous piano with deep bassy beats beneath.

I discovered Hiatus a few years ago and fell in love with them and the singer Shura, who either used to be part of Hiatus or just appeared on several earlier albums. This new album seems like it’s sadder than the rest – I mean,¬†its title is¬†Defeat –¬†¬†but I think it feels oddly energetic too. The strings meander along, but the piano is pushing faster towards something entirely different. I like the tension of it.

It sounds like what quiet periods of my life have felt like. Slow, but building to something beautiful.


And! last but not least, this song is filled with just the kind of beautiful nonsense I like best.

Happy Tuesday, lovely humans! I hope you’re having a beautiful week.

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