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Autumn is the new spring

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Spring is traditionally associated with frenetic cleaning, de-cluttering, and organizing, but I would like to blow your ever-loving mind by taking five minutes to propose that fall is actually a far better time to do so.

Here’s why:

  1. If you live in a climate with cold winters as I do here in Calgary, Canada, you know that you’re about to be housebound by frigid temperatures for at least a few months. I mean yes, there’s sledding and skiing (and maybe even some snowshoeing!) but nonetheless, the total amount of time spent indoors will likely increase.
  2. To that end, you do not want to spend the entire duration of the winter by sitting inside and being slowly suffocated by the overwhelming volume of your belongings. Overflowing closets, stuffed bookshelves, and everything underfoot – you’ll go NUTS.
  3. Thus, fall is the perfect time to clean out closets, organize the garage so you can actually park your car in it when it snows, and generally get your shit together, house-wise.
  4. ALSO, many people (myself included) have families who have embraced the practice of shopping secondhand for holiday gifts. When you take the time to clean out your house and donate clothing, toys, household items, and unused gear, you’re increasing the odds that these items will find their way into the hands of someone will really love them this holiday season.
  5. It feels so good OMG. Is there a name for the kind of satisfaction you get from empty shelves, closets with room to breathe, and uncluttered spaces? Because I have been swimming in that feeling lately.

So get a bag or box, fill it with stuff to donate, and get ready to enter winter with a clean slate 🙂

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