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One of the best things I’ve experienced since my book was published and I began writing my Guardian column is the way this community of environmental activists, authors, bloggers, and experts come together to enlighten, teach, and support each other.

Blogger, author, TED-talker and internationally renowned zero waste activist Bea Johnson wrote a review for my book, despite the fact that I was a total nobody from Canada she’d never met. Author and environmentalist Billee Sharp wrote the foreword for my book, because she fundamentally believed in the message I was spreading and the way I was doing it. They both lent their support and her name to my book and I was incredibly grateful that they did.

I was recently approached by a publisher who asked me to do for another writer what Billee and Bea did for me two years ago. I am so happy to be sharing it with you now!


Guilt Free & Green has the same down-to-earth, simple, accessible framework as All You Need Is Less,  but it’s broken down into 52 bite-sized morsels. You can commit to taking on one tip a week and begin a year of progressively greener living, or just leaf through and adopt changes as they fit your lifestyle.

I was so pleased to write the foreword to this book because I found it a great, easy intro to Eco friendly living, and I’m sharing it with you because I know that pre-orders are huge to the success of a book. If you’re looking for a little more Eco-friendly inspiration in your life, you can pre-order a copy of Terri’s book via Amazon here. You can also click here to get a sample chapter.

I’m so happy to be supporting Terri and continuing to spread the word about how simple it can be to make positive changes for our world.

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