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Indelible proof that I did not, in fact, invent The Face


fine well okay i’m tired too i get tired too, okay? so maybe fucking i’ll just lay down on this marble too, see how you like that maybe you should carry me home, because i’m more tired than you there’s more of me to get tired, so i’m more tired than you are, so i’m going to sleep now

-do we really all have to be here for this -oh good question, i don’t know, what’s the only checkers rule that we have in this house -dad please -WHAT’S THE ONLY CHECKERS RULE THAT WE HAVE IN THIS HOUSE -the checkers rule is that we all have t– – THE ONLY CHECKERS RULE IS THAT WHEN I WANT TO PLAY CHECKERS EVERYBODY PLAYS CHECKERS





via Women Who Are Not Having A Great Time In Western Art History

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