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My kidneys and I had a little chat last night. They were like, “Hey Madeleine!” and I was like, “Oh hey! How about you guys stop ya jibber jabber and do some real work for a change?” and then they said they weren’t feeling too hot and invited me to tour our local Emergency room. “It’ll be fun!” they said.

Initially I was like, “Wait-what? No! That doesn’t sound fun at all!” but my kidneys were pretty insistent, “We need this!” they said. They’re pretty tough to argue with, so I bit the bullet and checked myself in.

In the end it turns out that the kidneys were sort of right because we really did need to be there, but they are also lying liars since the visit wasn’t fun, not in the slightest. It was certainly interesting though, so half-marks? A for effort, guys!

It’s been a long time since I spent hours sitting in the ER waiting room of a major city, and whew boy are there some characters out there. Like the guy who had his whole head wrapped in gauze, which was blood-soaked where his eye would have been (was?) yet he kept chuckling to himself the entire time like the joke was on us. 

Or the sweet young parents with their four or five month old baby who was so incredibly well-behaved the entire time they were waiting. They finally got called in to be seen by a doctor and when they came back with the baby they were also carrying a bio-hazard bag which contained a single solitary paperclip. Not one of the small ones either, one of the giant clip-together-eighty-four-piece-of-paper ones.  My skills of deduction lead me to believe that this paperclip was removed from the within the baby’s body, but from where? It was HUGE! Mysteries abound.

Anyway, that was the most exciting Friday night I have had in quite some time, so that’s something. Who says I’m not spontaneous?!


In unrelated news, last week I was on a show called Energy Awareness and had a great interview with the host T Love. It was an hour-long interview, and sometimes the longer-format interviews make me nervous because I always worry that I’ll run out of things to say and the last half-hour will consist of me awkwardly clearing my throat and muttering some word salad. “Green! Recycling! Borax! Hippies!” but it was a fabulous interview and you can listen to it in its entirety here.

I have three or four other interviews coming up this week, so if you like that sort of thing make sure you’ve also “liked” the Sweet Madeleine Facebook page because that’s where I will post info about upcoming interviews, links to listen live, and where to find the interviews online after the fact. I’ll also be updating AllYouNeedIsLess.ca with links to past interviews so stop by in the next few days to check it out!



In house news, yesterday Adam’s parents left and we marked the occasion by finally biting the bullet and tearing down the wood paneled wall in our living room.

We had been debating whether or not to remove it for weeks now. The thing was that neither of us hated it and in my kinder moments I felt it added a certain something to the room,  but it also had glaringly obvious spots where George and Betty had hung paintings, and the surrounding area had been faded by the sun. Nothing we did seemed to be able to diminish the look of the fading, so in the end we decided that between the little built-in bookcase in the entrance way, the wood-framed windows and the fancy ceilings (what’s the technical term? I’m sure it’s not “fancy ceilings”) the room had plenty of character, and wouldn’t look too sad without the wood wall.

So, away we went! And by “we”, I mean “Adam, gently, with a crowbar.”

SweetMadeleine.ca SweetMadeleine.ca


The wall behind it is strange, we’re not sure if its drywall or plaster or some strange 1960’s invention that we’ve never seen before. But it’s in great shape for the most part, and after pulling out  a million nails we can start patching the million holes and then get to painting! That’s when the fun begins!

I have felt like it’s Monday all day, so saying “have a great weekend!” feels strange, but anyway, have a great weekend!

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  • Reply Shannon August 16, 2014 at 6:14 PM

    Not good about your kidneys not playing nicely, but the lounge looks amazing…I love the floors, and whilst the wood panelling added some character, I’m sure that it will brighten up the room even more without it. Congratulations on purchasing the home, always exciting when you begin to make it your own 🙂

  • Reply elizabethjulia August 16, 2014 at 10:47 PM

    Hope you’re feeling better and have wrestled those kidneys into submission! I had kidney stones for years so my only experience with kidney issues tells me yours must not have been fun. I love your people-watching insights though!

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