Big skies


Big Sky Rain, by SunnyLeeStudio on Etsy

I live for summer days like this, the one break of rain in the midst of an interminable stretch of sweltering heat. A day where we can shelve the stroller and skip the running around after a toddler brandishing sunscreen and hats – loathed in equal measures – and unabashedly devote an entire day to catching up on laundry, plowing through library books, and recording one last addition to the #ASKAMAMA video series (have you seen the first one yet? Find it here!)

Speaking of laundry, I need to potty train this child stat. I am so over diaper laundry, SO OVER IT. For almost two years now I have washed diapers every single day, or every other day. It has ceased to be fun, I loathe it, I can not wait to get this child out of diapers. I’m hoping I can do it before the end of summer so I can give them a good wash, bleach them in the sun, and pack them away foreverrrrrrr (or until baby #2, which might not be so far off hopefully). I have found myself loving gDiapers less and less too, though I’m not sure if this is just a reflection of my waning cloth-diapering enthusiasm in general. My main issue is that they have velcro closures which are always getting gunked up with lint and fluff, and the worst part: she can take them off herself

Often I go back to check on her after putting her down for her nap, only to find that she has taken off all of her clothes including her diaper, and then I have to pray she hasn’t peed (meaning I have to wash her crib sheets…MORE LAUNDRY), and also sneak a diaper back onto a sleeping baby. No mean feat, although I’d be lying if I said I don’t feel proud every time I manage to pull it off.

My first ever book signing is coming up this weekend in Edmonton, at the Strathcona Chapters store on Whyte Ave – if you’re local I would love to meet you! I am currently having a bit of a conundrum because, pray tell, what does one wear to one’s very first book signing? Is jeans and a tee-shirt too casual? Will I feel foolish sitting there in a skirt and heels? Should I dress the part and dig up some birkenstocks? I might just default to my mom uniform. Simplicity, yes?

I did this interview yesterday with a show called Isis Unveiling, and at one point we were discussing aromatherapy when the producer popped into the conversation to let us know about this charming tidbit of news: a chemical compound found in farts may help in preventing cell damage

Am I the only one terrified by this? Am I the only one nervously looking over her shoulder every five seconds in case I get cup ‘o cheesed by my brother or my husband for my own health?

Never have I been more glad that Adam doesn’t read. I might be safe for a while.

Happy Thursday folks. I’m happy to see the rain here, happy for my quiet day of catching up (well, as quiet as it can be with a toddler) and happy too because it may do a little to combat the forest fires currently raging in this beautiful province of mine – we need as much help as we can get!


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